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A Zoroastrian is an adherent to Zoroastrianism, the first monotheistic religion, that is based on the teachings and philosophies of Zoroaster.

Since the Muslim conquest of Persia, Zoroastrianism has become increasingly marginalized, and by the 9th century Iran had become predominantly Islamic. During the 10th century onwards several groups of Zoroastrians emigrated to Western India, where they became known as the Parsis[1]. Today, Zoroastrianism has its stronghold in India, but Zoroastrianism still survives in Iran proper (where Zoroastrians are now a constitutionally-protected minority). There is also a Zoroastrian diaspora, the largest groups of which are in North America and in the countries of the British Commonwealth. Although Zoroastrianism was once widespread through many of the Iranic peoples, Zoroastrians generally live as scattered minorities in Iran and India today [2].


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