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Hello everyone here! I’m new to this abode, but I have made the decision to start a new Wiki. Over the past few years, I have made major discoveries, of texts that hardly no one knows of, which helped spur me into this. I specifically am speaking of Biblical texts. Most people know what the Bible is, and the opinions on it vary. What most people don’t understand is how ancient the Bible really is. The stories in it go back at most thousands of years ago, and tell us of the ancient world like no other book of antiquity. However, what we call the Bible today, is a fusing of the ancient Jewish Torah, and Christian Gospels and Epistles. What we call the Bible, was in fact only created about 325 A.D.! In that time, there have been hundreds of texts, legitimate and not that have existed. Even today, some Bibles held by other Churches in the world will have books the layman have never even heard of. These books are called the Apocrypha, and the Pseudepigrapha. But what am I getting at?

Well, I want to create a Wiki dedicated to the digital archiving of Ancient documents, ranging from Books of the Bible, Apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Early Church Father’s Writings. Few websites have a large English database of these documents, and if they do, they are sometimes cluttered, and yet to be complete. However, I need help. I myself will supply the texts in English to the Wiki, so that’s dealt with. However, there are well over a hundred books I will include, plus dozens of fragments and quotations. This means the copy/paste mechanic could insert errors (typos, random numbers, letters, and text distortion), as I have seen this happen. So to maintain the site, I will need proofreaders. Next, there is the indexing of texts. I want to have a page dedicated to the ordering of the documents, which will be “oof,” as some may say.

As well, there is the design of the place. It needs to have a ancient library or temple look, so it can immerse the readers. There are people I know who are great at coding on Fandom, including Wiki design. So, to make it simple, I am hiring people to help create this Wiki. I need Mods, Admins, and Bureaucrats. There will be a discussion section too, so that will fun for those who want to discuss things. I’m hoping to make the place big, attracting people searching for obscure texts. Now, I know this will be about religious topics, and I myself am religious, but I know some aren’t. However, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheistic etc. I think some of us can agree on the importance of these texts, for their old date, basic wisdom, beautiful poetry, stories and legends, and appreciate them. So I wanted to put this out, and ask for the aid in this. Those who join to help will be given rights. However, I need people who will at least give their all before leaving. I will assign the new users to staff status, according to what they wish to be (text examiner, administrator, designer, “librarian”). Now, I myself am religious, and personally see myself as a Proto-Orthodox Christian, so bias will be present. I believe some things others may not, but I do accept edits to pages, where two opposing views can be shown, for fairness.

I have already made the site, and have several texts uploaded there, and have some staff helping. By the way, it is called The Ancient Scripture Wiki. Anyhow, it’s up right now, so I need some responses on this. Thanks!