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Thank you for visiting my users page. I am Friso Yoyon Schaap. I am 30 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I am married and have a little daughter.

My relation to religion

I grew up in a protestant family. A few years ago I went for a year to Israel. I got in contact with a diversity of religions.

My wife is Melkite Greek Catholic which is an Eastern Catholic religion.

I have followed many lectures about Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the Netherlands and Israel. on the wiki I will work mainly on these subjects.

Israel and Palestine

Dressed up for visiting the synagoge in Jerusalem

I am supporting the peace in Israel and Palestine but I do not support the war, racism and hatred in Israel. I have worked and lived in Israel and know what I am talking about.

Missionary work

I have worked and lived in Israel in 2007. In 2010 my family and I are planning going back for a longer time. Our mission is visiting other christian communities and places.

Defending human right Palestine

In 2010 my family and I are planning going back for a longer time. This time we are planning to join an organisation wich is standing for the human rights of the Palestinians.

My interested in Wiki

I have been an active wikipedia contributor since early 2002. Wikipedia has some really good articles concerning religion. Sadly most of these articles are cramped in one page. These articles should be split up which I have suggested often on Wikipedia. Noone was interested doing it and people where often reverting / deleting the sub articles on wikipedia. After a while I decided editing and moving wikipedia religion related articles (include my own wikipedia contributions) in the wiki's hosted by Wikia.besides "redesigning" these articles I am also contributing my own articles.

Wiki and Religion

I am really intrested in all kinds of religion. I am collecting as much as possible information about religion like articles but also personal opinions from people. Multiple point of View is really important to me because this is showing something about how people are thinking about a subject. This is also the point what is making the difference between Religion Wiki and Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia with a neutral point of view and Religion Wiki is an Database with Multiple points of view gathered in a encyclopedia way.

My contributions to Religion Wiki

My languages concern the wiki

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • Hebrew (with my wife's help)
  • Arabic (with my wife's help)


  • Catholic Church
  • Eastern Catholic church
  • Gregorian music
  • Tridentine Rite

My websites

My Role on Religion Wiki

I am the founder and owner of I am also the founder of the Dutch and German Religion Wiki. Since April 2009 I am also active on the English Religion Wiki.

I'm a Global administrator, which means I have fully administrators rights on all the religion wiki's , forums and website

My main job on the wiki's is taking care of the general layouts and taking care of the templates. If you need help with creating a Template for your articles or if you need a nice menu just contact me on my talkpage If you would like to request a page be deleted (or restored from deletion), a frequently vandalized page to be protected, or a previously warned vandal to be blocked, then just leave me a note.

Technical questions concerning the wiki's can be adressed to me too. If I can't fix it I will direct the problem to our Host Wikia . (Wikia is only involved in the wiki's with the domains. The website and forums are hosted and fully supported by me) .

I am not a native english writer. I can make grammar or spelling errors. Feel free correcting my contributes. Or if you have grammar problems yourself I would like to direct your to our other Administrator Simon Peter Hughes who is in real life an English Teacher.

Interesting Music

Interesting articles

The following articles are made by Religion Wiki Users.

Baptize service from my daughter Diana

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