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George Roerich
Full name George Roerich
Born 16 August 1902
Novgorod Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 21 May 1960
Moscow, USSR
Era 20th-century philosophy
School Neo-Theosophy
Main interests Agni Yoga

Ugraia is the spiritual name of George Roerich.



George Roerich was born in August 1902 in Novgorod Governorate (Russian Empire). After finishing his studies at school, he entered the Indian and Iranian department of Oriental Languages at London University in 1918. He studied Sanskrit and Pali. Later he became a world-renowned scientist, orientalist, and guru.[1]

G. Roerich is known for his contributions to Tibetan dialectology, his monumental translation of the Blue Annals, and his 11-volume Tibetan-Russian-English dictionary with Sanskrit parallels.After spending almost thirty years in India, George returned in 1957 to Russia. His return and acquisition of Soviet citizenship was courageous as the USSR's opinion on his family was rather distorted. Because of his effort, bans were lifted on everything associated with Roerichism and the legacy of research left by the family was preserved. The first of Nicholas Roerich's exhibitions was organized in Moscow. He was able to dispel myths about the family's philosophy of Agni Yoga in the USSR.[2]

George died on 21 May 1960, and his ashes were placed in Moscow (Soviet Union).

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