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Thomas Maria Fouhy, a laicised priest was born in 1908. He was a former member of the Society of Mary, and was ordained in 1943. Fouhy died on August 8, 2007.


In 1969, he applied for laicisation. Later that year, his request not yet granted, he contracted a civil marriage with a widow, Jacqueline Lorraine Grant, thereby incurring automatic excommunication.

Fouhy's marriage took place before his petition was granted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


Later, he divorced Grant and began to function as a priest again in the traditionalist movement, without any permission of his ordinary bishop or the Vatican. In reparation for his marriage he carried a cross around New Zealand. He travelled to England, Scotland and the United States. Fouhy became acquainted with Bishop George Musey, being appointed his vicar general.

He was the author of "The Challenge of Truth" and also wrote a booklet entitled "Plain Speaking". He authored an open letter to the Bishops and Priests of New Zealand in 1986.

Last years

Later, he spent time at Mount Saint Michael in Spokane, Washington. He returned to New Zealand and said Mass at his home until he required full-time care. He was consecrated by Jean-Gérard Roux in late 1993. He died of natural causes at Wanganui, New Zealand.

Episcopal Lineage
Consecrated by: Jean-Gérard Roux
Date of consecration: October 27, 1993