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Tara Urusvati (Helena Roerich)
Full name Tara Urusvati (Helena Roerich)
Born 12 February, 1879
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Died 5 October, 1955 (aged 76)
Kalimpong, India
Era 20th-century philosophy
School Neo-Theosophy
Main interests Agni Yoga

Tara Urusvati ("The Light of the Morning Star'") is the spiritual name of Helena Roerich (1879–1955) in Agni Yoga and Roerichism. Helena was born in the family of Ivan Shaposhnikov, a well-known Russian architect. He was one of the authors of the project of the Great Choral Synagogue in Saint Petersburg.[1]

Helena was a teacher and healer as well as the inspired co-author of the Agni Yoga series of books, the first English books about the Teaching and the Roerichs' relationship with their guru, Mahātmā Morya [2]

Helena Roerich and Nicholas Roerich had two children: George (1902 – 1960) and Svetoslav (1904 – 1993).

Tara of Heart

Urusvati – It is time to say that this is the name we have given to the star which is irresistibly approaching the Earth. Since long ago it has been the symbol of the Mother of the World, and the Epoch of the Mother of the World must begin at the time of Her Star’s unprecedented approach to the Earth. The Great Epoch is beginning, because the spirit-understanding is linked with the Mother of the World. (LMG II, p 66)

Agni Yoga can be understood as the Teaching of Life. Helena Roerich, the founder of Agni Yoga, could be considered a Tara of the Heart. H. Roerich brought to humanity the newest yoga; not a physical, but spiritual yoga; the yoga that is only now becoming known worldwide. She wrote books, many under pseudonames in addition to the Agni Yoga series.

Helena wrote the "Foundations of Buddhism", and "On Eastern Crossroads". These are remarkable books for a woman who visited Venus in her subtle body. She spoke and wrote in many languages. Each of the 935 paragraphs of the book "Supermundane" begins with the word "Urusvati". Her many diaries are still being read and studied by people today. [3] In the epilogue of the book "Agni Yoga" she is called the Mother of Agni Yoga.[4]



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