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Syncretism is a concept prevalent in parts of the Western world which mingles different and often contradictory beliefs and religious doctrines into a personal faith which can be described as "self-made-religion" or "patchwork-religion".

Many Christian denominations agree that although there are elements of truth in other religions, for example the belief in one God or the advocacy of family values, these religions differ in many respects from Christianity.[1] The New Testament rejects syncretism as an appropriate response to God, teaching instead that Jesus is the truth and the only way in passages such as John 14:16.[2]


  1. For example, the Second Vatican Council's declaration on other religions Nostra aetate stated that the teachings of other religions differs in many aspects from Christianity but "nonetheless often reflect a ray of that Truth which enlightens all men."
  2. John 14:6 - john 14 6

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