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Devil's Mark Ministries LLC

Formation 2020
Type Satanist Organisation
Legal status Active, registered LLC in the United States
Purpose/focus Satan Worship and information distribution

1401 Lavaca St PMB 40743

Austin, TX 78701
Location United States
Membership Unknown, >11
Official languages English
Affiliations Satanism, paganism

Shadow Path Diabolism is a form of religious devil worship similar to theistic Satanism created by R. J. Womack (aka. Brother Nero) between 2020 and 2021.[1] [2]The tradition was first introduced during 2020 and an associated ministry (Devil’s Mark Ministries) was established as a legal organization in February of 2021.

Followers of the religion practice a form of Diabolism that combines elements of both pre-Christian and relatively modern Pagan traditions such as (but not limited to) traditional witchcraft, Brujeria, Norse paganism, and so on. Brother Nero, the founder of the religion, has stated he wants to step away from the term Satanism due to too many false associations and assumptions linked to that term and to avoid association with non-theistic Satanists. [3] While Shadow Path Diabolism is heavily rooted in ancient Paganism, it does not deny the existence of the Devil as a figure in Christian theology; however, Shadow Path Diabolists do not consider the Devil to be a spirit of evil and see him instead as an amoral deity of the natural world.[4] Shadow Path Diabolism also considers the Devil to be a many-faced deity (sometimes referring to him as the Horned God and the God of the Witches) and do not consider the Christian representation to be all-encompassing or even accurate.[5]

In addition to the religious worship of the Devil, Shadow Path Diabolists follow a code of values based on discipline and self-improvement. [6] Because they believe the Devil to be a god of the worldly, they place an emphasis on living life well and becoming a stronger version of oneself rather than denying the worldly in favour of spiritual purity. Shadow Path Diabolism also includes practices that honor ones’ ancestors and religious predecessors in addition to honoring the gods. [7]

Brother Nero has published numerous podcast episodes elaborating on elements of the religious tradition and on his personal beliefs, most of which can be found on his personal YouTube channel, though newer episodes have been moved to the Devil’s Mark Ministries channel. He also plans to publish Shadow Path Diabolism: A New Approach to Old-Style Devil Worship, though publication of the book has been pushed back to focus on the development of the ministry.

Devil’s Mark Ministries, the organization associated with Shadow Path Diabolism, also publishes a quarterly newsletter/magazine called the Shadow Path Journal. Members additionally engage in regular outreach work to raise public awareness of the ministry and of religious Satanic faiths of all types, seeking to connect with interested practitioners and educate non-practitioners.


A critique of R. J. Womack and his remarks (Although notably from a very biased point of view)

People have critiqued R. J. Womack for his pro-life stance and claim him to support eugenics due to his remarks referring to non-satanists as "dirt" and generally discouraging people from relationships with non-satanists, as well as claiming the existence of "Satanic blood".

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