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The Sermon on the Plain was a sermon given by Jesus of Nazareth according to the Gospel of Luke 6:17-49; it may be compared to the longer Sermon on the Mount. Some commentators believe they in fact refer to the same event. Others say that Jesus frequently preached similar themes in different places, and still others that neither sermon really took place but that they were conflations of Jesus's primary teachings put together by Matthew and Luke from earlier source material.[who?]

Luke 6:12-20a details the events leading to the sermon. In it, Jesus spent the night on the mountain praying to God. Two days later, he gathers his disciples and selects 12 of them whom he names Apostles. On the way down from the mountain, he stands at "a level place" where a throng of people had gathered. After curing those with "unclean spirits" (see also Demonic possession), Jesus begins what is now called the Sermon on the Plain.

Notable messages in the Sermon include:

According to 7:1, after Jesus had said everything he had to say to the crowd, he went to Capernaum.

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