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Scientology timetrack is the time serie of events with the Scientology movement. Note: this article is not including the Dianetics history


When LRH left the Wichita Foundation, he also left the rights to his earlier books on Dianetics. He had to find something new and the publication of What To Audit is the foundation of Scientology.

Event type Event date (of 1952) Place Event
Lectures Summer Phoenix, Arizona LRH talks about a new subject called Scientology
Book pub July Phoenix, Arizona Limited edition of What to Audit (published by the Scientific Press)
Book pub July London A History of Man
Book pub September Phoenix, Arizona Limited edition of Scientology: 88 (handwritten)
Book pub November Phoenix, Arizona Scientology: 8-80, Published by the HAS
Book pub December Phoenix, Arizona Scientology 8-8008, ISBN 0-88404-428-9


The first Church Of Scientology (as legal body) was incorporated in December 1953[1] in Camden, New Jersey by L. Ron Hubbard and his wife Mary Sue Hubbard, his son L. Ron Hubbard, Jr and his wife Henrietta Hubbard, John Galusha, Barbara Byran, Verna Greenough in Law Offices of William S. Gotshalk.

Event type Event date (of 1953) Place Event
Org 18 December Camden, New Jersey LRH and Co incorporates three new churches -- the Church of American Science[2], the Church of Scientology[3] and the Church of Spiritual Engineering[4]


The first real Church Of Scientology (as organisation) is founded.

Event type Event date (of 1954) Place Event
Org 18 February California The Church of Scientology of California is incorporated by J. Burton Farber, Dow F. Ayres, E'Lois M. Farber[5].
Org February Auckland, New Zealand Scientology group became a Church.

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