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In his book Fundamentals of Thought, the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, gave this definition:

The term SCIENTOLOGY is taken from the Latin word SCIO (knowing in the fullest meaning of the word) and the Greek word LOGOS (to study).

Scientology is that applied and workable philosophy developed by L. Ron Hubbard during most of his life.

Scientology includes the understanding of life, its composition and potentialities. The application part of the philosophy includes activities which one can embark upon to improve one's life both in the spiritual sense as well as the physical.

The philosophy and how to apply it is found in the many books of his writings and the many thousands of lectures he gave which are available on audio tapes and CDs.

The official body of Scientology is the Church of Scientology. The trademarks and servicemarks are mostly owned by Religious Technology Center, and the copyrights are mostly assigned to Church of Spiritual Technology. The Church has visibly departed from Hubbard's original philosophy in many areas. Since Scientology technology is readily available to anyone in the published Technical Volumes and recorded lectures, and the guiding policies are freely available in the Organization Executive Course volumes, it is simple to note these departures.

Some now practise Scientology in the Freezone, free from organizational interference.


L. Ron Hubbard, in 1950, made a book called Dianetics. It was a book about mental science, but, it had spirituality in the book. Based on the spirituality of Dianetics it became a base for a religion called Scientology. Thus, Scientology was born!  


It should be noted that many governments, courts, media establishments and private individuals have come to recognise that The Church of Scientology is a cult. It is a money-making organisation that has little regard for the wellbeing of its members who it exploits in order to increase its coffers.    

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