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Baphomet, sometimes used as a representation of Satan (especially in Symbolic Satanism)

Satan, as conceived by Satanists, is either a real divine being (Theistic Satanism), or an archetype that one should strive to imitate (Symbolic Satanism).

In Symbolic Satanism

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Symbolic Satanists conceive of Satan not as an actual being, but as a symbol or archetype, which represents freedom, indulgence, enlightenment, rebellion, opposition, and/or something similar.

In Theistic Satanism

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Theistic Satanists typically conceive of Satan as being one or multiple of the following:

  • a god, if not the only god
  • the highest demon
  • the highest being
  • the ruler of Hell, or the realm of demons, or some other realm

What all Theistic Satanist agree on however is that Satan is an actual being, instead of just a concept.

In Christian Satanism

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The term Christian Satanism describes Satanist religions that involve the Bible or general christian thought, oftentimes seeing the judeo-christian god as evil and Satan as good. Satan is thus viewed as either a fallen angel, or as the only true god, in which case the judeo-christian god is only an evil spirit that deceives large chunks of the population.

New-Theistic Satanism

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Due to this categories vagueness, and inclusion of every religion or cult of new thought, it's impossible to pin anything down. Easier to determine is what New-Theistic Satanists do not believe in, that being for example:

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