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General templates

  • Template:Citation - Denotes an unreferenced assertion. It can be expected that the assertion should be backed up as soon as possible, and may be in danger of being deleted.
  • Template:Cleanup - Marks an article temporarily so that it can be brought to a higher standard
  • Template:Deletion - Marks an article as one that should be deleted.
  • Template:Disambig - Clears up cases where multiple usages exist for the same word
  • Template:Disputed - Marks a page where factual accuracy is uncertain, and links to the discussion page.
  • Template:Diversity - Marks an article needing expansion to include diverse liturgical practices.
  • Template:English - Marks an article needing standardization of its English.
  • Template:Expert - Marks an article needing help from an expert on the subject.
  • Template:Incomplete - Indicates articles which are more than stubs, but still incomplete.
  • Template:Inprogress - Tags an article temporarily while it's actively being developed
  • Template:Note – A simple template to create a link back to a footnote reference. (use with Template:Ref)
  • Template:Oriental - For articles which may represent an Oriental Orthodox (non-Chalcedonian) view
  • Template:Policy - For official Religion Wiki policy pages
  • Template:Ref – A simple template to create a link to a footnote. (use with Template:Note)
  • Template:SpecialTOC - Adds an ABC Table of Contents to a special page.
  • Template:Stub - Indicates articles that are sorely incomplete. (You can find all stubs here.) Other stubs exist for specific use (see below).
  • Template:Style - Indicates articles needing standard encyclopedic style.