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Using content from other wikis is permitted as long as their administrators have stated their compliance in their policy or disclaimers. There are several wikis on the internet but they may have a different policy than ours. Read their policy and disclaimer carefully before using their content.

MediaWiki software

MediaWiki software itself is provided under the GNU General Public License.[1] Wikis created on MediaWiki software are licensed by default under GFDL or Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported as wiki owner you may change this license to another license but you must state that in your disclaimers.

For some wikis, we have made templates which you may use. If you have found another wiki related to religion[2] you may also add it to this section. For other source templates you may also visit our template section.

Wetpaint wiki's

Wetpaint[3] licenses third-party use of the Collective Content and Submissions under a Creative Commons' Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License ("the License"). The license allows the collective content and submissions to be used, copied, modified, and redistributed freely by any organization or person for any non-commercial purpose, so long as the re-published content is: a) available to others on the same terms; and b) attributes Wetpaint as the source. To satisfy the attribution requirement, you may: a) for Internet re-publishing, provide both a direct hyperlink back to the article AND prominent text stating the material came from Wetpaint; or b) for offline distribution, provide the URL of the content AND prominent attribution to Wetpaint.

Lists of religion related wiki projects

Visit the following pages with information about other religion related Wiki project.

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References and notes

  • It is always possible that a Religion Wiki user has forgotten to give proper credit to the source of an article. You may add a wiki template or a link to the original article.
  1. See also
  2. We prefer Wiki's which are using the same or simular license either under GFDL or Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
  3. for more information visit