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Religion Wiki Team or Religion Wiki Staff: These are users / volunteers responsible for administrating and wiki's). The concept is founded in the Netherlands.

There are several positions in this team like;

Staff application

Interested joining the Religion Wiki Staff? Visit and join our forums

Open positions

  • Moderators
  • Portal Moderators
  • We are searching also for a forum moderator who will be in charge building up our forums.

Religion Wiki Staff Applications

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Friso Friso Yoyon Schaap is the founder of and is from the Netherlands. He's the person to contact about template design and css issues.
Simon Simon Peter Hughes focuses on providing in-depth support to the Religion Wiki Community.". Simon is teaching English in Real life.
Friso Granpa moderating the wiki.

Primarily interested in Biblical criticism.

Rozalien Rozalien Schaap is friso's wife and sidekick helping him with assisting the community. Rozalien has studied History of the middle east at the University of Haifa, Israel.