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You can register an account on the wiki and on the forums. The account system on the wiki is not connected with the forums so you should created 2 accounts. The Wiki is supported by Wikia and is running on a Wikia domain. The forums and the website is hosted by

What can logged-in users do on a wiki?

main article Create an Account

Users who have created an account and logged in (this is free and only requires a username, password, and birth date) can:

  • customize the appearance and features of the wiki by setting their preferences.
  • maintain an article watchlist.
  • mark their own contributions as minor edits.
  • upload an image or other file to the wiki.
  • mark a page on recent changes as "patrolled" (where this feature is enabled)
  • Every registered user has a free blog.

Logged in users who have accounts four days old are given the 'autoconfirmed' user right.

Autoconfirmed users can move/rename pages and edit semi-protected pages.

A user with a confirmed email address can enable email messages from other users, and can request lost passwords. Some future social networking oriented extensions at Wikia may also require a confirmed email.

Benefits as registered users

Our staff is constantly patrolling the wiki and the forums. From our experience most anonymous edits are made by people who are not taking our project serious. Most of the anonymous edits will be deleted without notice.

Less advertisements

On the wiki we have some advertisements from third parties. A registered user wont see these advertisements

What can logged-in users do on a the forums?

  • Creating topics
  • Sending private messages to other forum users
  • You are able to use the religion wiki chat. (The religion wiki chat is connected with the forum account)