Religion Wiki
  • Subject: Copy all Religion content on Wikipedia (everything under GFDL License) to Religion Wiki and adapt it.
  • Purpose: Changing the articles in order to better present them to the public


It is not our idea to make Religion Wiki just a copycat of Wikipedia.

A lot of articles on Wikipedia are, for example, to long and often have exceeding bites per article. Which result in pages that load very slowly. For a lot of users this is very anoying.attempting to change this behaviour has little or no effect on Wikipedia.

Our purpose is to divide those articles into more pages which are connected through a template menu.

Furthermore, Religion Wiki, using the latest MediaWiki updates,supported and hosted by Wikia includes other features that distinguish it from Wikipedia, such as adding:

  • YouTube video's
  • Google video's
  • Polls
  • and more...

What about copyright?

Since Wikipedia is working under the same license as Religion Wiki it is no problem to take content from eachother. Although you may copy content from Wikipedia to Religion Wiki we ask you to put this Template on the talk page of your article:

This page uses content from the English Wikipedia. The original article was at Religion Wiki:Wikipedia content. The list of authors can be seen in the page history.

This template gives information about the original source from this article.