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Pope Theodosius I of Alexandria (died June 5, 567) was the last Patriarch of Alexandria recognised by both Copts and Melchites.

As successor to Timothy III (IV), he was at first recognized by the Emperor Justinian I and the Eastern Orthodox Church. However, because of his Miaphysite theology, he was rejected by the Eastern Orthodox Church of Alexandria and exiled by the Emperor Justinian I in 536. In his place, Paul was elected Patriarch.[1]

As the Copts continued to recognise Timothy, the lineage between the Coptic and Melchite split. This split endures until today.

Theodosius spent the last 28 years of his life imprisoned in Constantinople and after his death the Coptic Church elected Peter IV as his successor.[2]

Theodosius is commemorated in the Coptic Synaxarion on the 28th day of Ba'unah (June 5), the day of his death.

Preceded by
Timothy III (IV)
Patriarch of Alexandria
Succeeded by
Paul I
Coptic Pope
Succeeded by
Peter IV