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Pope Peter II of Alexandria served as Pope of Alexandria between 373 and 380. He is commemorated in the Coptic Synaxarion on the 20th day of Amshir, the day of his death.[1]

Athanasius had designated him as his successor before his death in 373.

He was a zealous opponent of Arianism[2] and immediately after his consecration, the prefect Palladius, acting on orders from Emperor Valens drove him from the city and installed Lucius, an adherent of Arianism as bishop.

Peter found refuge at Rome, where Pope Damasus I received him and gave him support against the Arians. In 373, Peter returned to Alexandria, where Lucius yielded out of fear of the populace.


Preceded by
Athanasius I
Pope of Alexandria
Succeeded by
Timothy I

ar:بطرس الثاني ca:Pere II d'Alexandria