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Pope Mark VII of Alexandria was the 106th Coptic Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark (30 May 1745 – 18 May 1769).

HH Pope Mark VII was born in the city of Klosna, in the district of El Bahnasa, and his lay name was Simeon. He joined the Monastery of Saint Anthony at a young age, then moved to the Monastery of Saint Paul the Anchorite, where he became a monk and was ordained a priest. When Pope John XVII departed, he was chosen to succeed him. HH Mark VII was ordained Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria on Sunday, 24 Pashons, 1461 A.M. (30 May 1745 A.D.) on the day of the feast of the entry of Christ to Egypt.

HH Pope Mark VII was contemporary of the Ottoman Sultans Mahmud I, Osman III, and Mustafa III.

He ordained a general bishop over Upper Egypt to shepherd its Christians. He also ordained HG Yoannis (John) the 14th as the 104th Metropolitan of Ethiopia.

The Seat of the Pope during his papacy remained in the Saint Mary Church (Haret Elroum) in Cairo.

HH Pope Mark VII occupied the Throne of Saint Mark for 23 years, 11 months, and 18 days. He departed on 12 Pashons 1485 A.M. (18 May 1769 A.D.), while he was residing in a monastery in Maadi. He was buried in the tombs of the Patriarchs. The Papal Throne was vacant after his departure for 5 months and 5 days.


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