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Pope John XIX of Alexandria was the Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark (1929 – 1942).

A Monk

He joined the Paromeos Monastery in the Nitrian Desert as a monk and then he was sent by Pope v to Greece to study Theology afterwards Pope Cyril V| appointed him a Metropolitan.

Enthroning a Bishop as Pope

Before becoming a Pope, John XIX was the Metropolitan of Al Beheira in Egypt; he is the first ever Bishop/Metropolitan of an Eparchy to become a Pope in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church, before him the tradition was to nominate a Monk to the Papal position [1]

Some argue that the choice of Bishop as Pope (and Bishop) of the City of Alexandria is not canonical (against Canon 15 of Nicea and other Church councils/canons .[2]

This issue has caused an ongoing dispute since 1928 in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

The seat of the Pope in Cairo during his papacey remained in the Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Azbakeya in Cairo.


  1. The story of the Coptic Church, Iris Habib Elmasry
Preceded by
Cyril V
Coptic Pope
Succeeded by
Macarius III

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