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John XIX
B Johannes XIX.jpg
Papacy began May, 1024
Papacy ended October, 1032
Predecessor Benedict VIII
Successor Benedict IX
Personal details
Birth name Romanus
Born ???
Rome, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Died October, 1032
Rome, Papal States, Holy Roman Empire
Other Popes named John

John XIX (born in Rome, died October 1032), born Romanus, was Pope from 1024 to 1032.

He succeeded his brother, Pope Benedict VIII (1012–24), both being members of the powerful house of Tusculum. Prior to being elected Pope he was an unordained layman. Therefore, he was ordained a bishop in order to enable him to ascend the papal chair, having previously been a consul and senator.

Against the grain of ecclesiastical history, John XIX agreed, upon being paid with a large bribe, to grant to the Patriarch of Constantinople the title of an ecumenical bishop. However, this proposal excited general indignation throughout the Church, thus compelling him almost immediately to withdraw from his agreement.

On the death of the Emperor Henry II (1002–24) in 1024, he gave his support to Emperor Conrad II (1024–39), who along with his consort was crowned with great pomp at St. Peter's Basilica on Easter of 1027.

In 1025 he sent the crown to Poland and blessed the coronation of the Polish king Bolesław Chrobry.

On 6 April 1027, John held a Lateran synod in which he declared for the patriarch of Aquileia against that of Grado, giving its bishop (then Poppo) the patriarchal dignity and putting the bishop of Grado under his jurisdiction. In fact, the patriarch took precedence over all Italian bishops. In 1029, John revoked his decision and reaffirmed all the dignities of Grado. John also gave a bull to Byzantius, Archbishop of Bari, endowing him with the right to consecrate his own twelve suffragans after the reattachment of the Bariot diocese to Rome in 1025.

He was said to be killed by a mob of angry peasants, but no evidence can support the fact, yet the actual cause of death is unknown.

After John XIX's death, his nephew, Pope Benedict IX (1032–44, 1045, 1047–48), was found as a successor, although he was still young: according to some sources, he was only 12, but he was more likely to have been about 18 or 20.

Note that the next Pope named John was Pope John XXI (1276–77) and there is no Pope John XX (see article for explanation).

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Benedict VIII
Succeeded by
Benedict IX

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