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Pope Avilius of Alexandria (Abilius in the West), also known as Sabellius, Milius or Melyos served as the third Patriarch of Alexandria (head of the church that became the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Greek Church of Alexandria) between 83 and 95.

He was enthroned during the reign of the Roman Emperor Titus Flavius Domitianus.

In the Church History of Eusebius of Caesarea, it is recorded that, upon the death of Anianus of Alexandria, all the suffragan bishops and priests of his area converged in Alexandria where they conferred with the laity about the next appointment to the position. Having cast lots, they unanimously voted for Avilius to succeed him, based on Avilius' reputation for chastity and his knowledge of Christ. He remained in that position for nineteen years and eight months, and was buried next to the remains of Mark the Evangelist in the Church of Bucalis in Alexandria.


He is venerated as a saint. His feast day in the Roman Catholic Church is 22 February, the Canons Regular keep his feast on 23 February, the Coptic Church on 29 August and 29 March, and the Greek Orthodox Church on 22 February.


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