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Pilzno Chassidut is a branch of Torah Observant Judaism, currently based in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. The late Pilzno Rav, Rabbi Yoseph Singer, was a community leader, and close friend and mentor to many individuals in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.[1] Among his notable ancestors are Rabbi Gershon Kitover, the brother in law of the Baal Shem Tov, Dov Ber of Mezeritch, Rav Aaron of Karlin, the Chernobyler, Rabbi Yisrael m'Ryzin, Rabbi Yechezkel Landau known as the Noda B'yehuda and others.

Today, Pilzno chassidim are found primarily in Israel, England, and New York. The chassidut in the United States is led by the oldest great-grandson of Harav Singer, Harav Matisyahu Yakov Braver Shlita. Rav Singer sent HaRav Yehoshua Gerzi his close chosid to Israel to build and develop the chasidut.

The four main pillars of the Pilzno philosophy as developed by Rav Gerzi under the giudence of Rav Singer are:[2]

  • Guidance - The importance of having one or several mentors to influence and guide our growth and development (Corresponding to the י in Hashem's name, and our spiritual state).
  • Knowledge - The importance of creatively acquiring and applying knowledge. (Corresponding to the first ה in Hashem's name, and our mental and creative state).
  • Chevra - The importance of surrounding ourselves with a supportive network of friends. (Corresponding to the ו in Hashem's name, and our social & emotional state).
  • Physical & financial health - The importance of expending the necessary effort to be physically healthy and financially responsible. (Corresponding to the final ה Hashem's name, and our social & emotional state).

Pilzno Institute of Higher Learning

The Pilzno Institute of Higher Learning was founded in 2003 under the guidance and direction of late Pilzon Rav in order to spread the teachings of Pilzno. Rabbi Singer - fondly known as Zaydi reqested his close Chasid and Talmid Rav Yehoshua Gerzi to become Pilzno Rav in Eretz Yisrael, although he dus not go by the title, he headed the Pilzno Shul and Institute based in Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph, Israel.

Rav Gerzi is a native of London, England. He has studied at Yeshivas Gateshead, Derech Etz Chayim, and Mir. Rav Yehosha comes from a long line of important Rabbis, ashkenazi and sefardi such as the Vilna Gaon, The Shla HaKodesh Elimelech of Lizhensk, Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev, Naftali Zvi of Ropshitz, the Kabbalist Rav Yom Tov AlGarzi of Yeshivat Bet El, the Sdei Chemed and others.

In addition to his vigorous learning seder, giving shiurim, and hosting many people at their warm shabbat table, he also works in counseling, physiotherapy, music instruction and in various other fields.

His warm personality, together with his organizational/ delegating/ networking skills, his open- mindedness and non - judgmental ability to listen, attract many people from all walks of life to seek his guidance, advice and blessing.

Rabbi Gerzi is also close to a number of the leading Rabbis of the generation, from whom he seeks advice and guidance.

The Institute's resources include personal counseling, mentoring, networking, small-business development, leadership development, a scholarship fund for advanced adult education, a life coaching course, an organized and comprehensive learning program of kol haTorah kula (all of Torah), private health and exercise consulting, a website with sefarim on audio as MP3 downloads, and an emerging publishing house.

They are currently in the early stages of construction of a Beis HaMedrash which will be housed in the Ramat Shilo section of Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef. There, they will have daily minyanim and regular separate shuirim for both men and women.

Pilzno Sayings

"In life, a person experiences two feelings, good and bad. Which one do you choose?"

"If you want to achieve success, speak to those who have achieved successfully what you wish to accomplish - it could potentially save you a great amount of time."

"If a situation does not go as planned, it is not necessarily our doing. However, the way we choose to relate towards the situation is in our hands."


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