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The name Obadiah means 'servant of Jehovah' and was a common name in Old Testament times. Nothing is known of the personal history of Obadiah except what is written in the book that bears his name. The book of Obadiah is the shortest of all the books in the Old Testament and was probably written about 586 B.C. shortly after the destruction of Jerusalem.

When a foreign power attacked Jerusalem, the Edomites helped defeat the Jews and steal their property. Obadiah prophesied of Edom's destruction because of the cruelty they inflicted toward Judah and of Israel's eventual salvation upon Mount Zion. Obadiah was privileged to see this vision of the salvation of Israel and other important events of the latter days.

Two important principles that Obadiah wrote about is that pride and wickedness leads to destruction and we each can help in the Lord's plan of salvation by performing temple work for those who have passed on.

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