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Newel K. Whitney
Full name Newel Kimball Whitney
Born February 5, 1795(1795-02-05)
Place of birth Marlborough, Vermont
Died September 23, 1850 (aged 55)
Place of death Salt Lake City, Utah Territory
LDS Church General Authority
First Bishop of the Church
Called by Brigham Young
Start of term October 7, 1844 (aged 49)
End of term June 6, 1847 (aged 52)
End reason Called as Presiding Bishop
Presiding Bishop
Called by Brigham Young
Start of term June 6, 1847 (aged 52)
End of term September 23, 1850 (aged 55)
End reason Death

Newel Kimball Whitney (February 5, 1795 – 24 September 1850) (first name sometimes found as Newell) was a prominent leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and an American businessman. He served as Bishop of Kirtland, Ohio, Far West, Missouri, and Nauvoo, Illinois. He also served as the second Presiding Bishop of the Church from 1847 until his death. He died in 1850 of pleurisy.

The Newel K. Whitney Store in Kirtland, Ohio.

Whitney was the owner of a home-based store in Kirtland that was Mormonism's first "bishop's storehouse", known as the Newel K. Whitney Store. The building was also used by Church founder and president Joseph Smith, Jr. as a home and office. Smith received approximately 20 revelations in the store building and used one of its rooms as a meeting place of the School of the Prophets.

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Preceded by
Edward Partridge
Presiding Bishop
Succeeded by
Edward Hunter