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Naamah or Na'amah (Hebrew: נעמה‎, meaning "pleasant") is a figure in the Bible and Jewish mysticism.

In the Bible

  • In Genesis 4:22, the NIV states: “Lamech married two women, one named Adah and the other Zillah…. Zillah also had a son, Tubal-Cain, who forged all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron. Tubal-Cain's sister was Naamah.”[1] Although this Lamech is said to be a descendant of Cain, he has sometimes been confused with Lamech among the descendants of Seth, an ancestor of Noah.

Other religious references

  • Naamah is named as the wife of Noah and a daughter of Enoch, Noah's grandfather, in the mediaeval midrash (Book of Jasher Chapter 5:15).
  • The 17th century theologian John Gill identified Naamah instead with the name of the wife of Ham, son of Noah, whom he believed may have become confused with Noah's wife. See Wives aboard the Ark.
  • Naamah, a city of Canaan, listed in the Joshua 15:41, as having been conquered and subsequently settled by the Tribe of Judah.[3] The city may possibly have been a tributary of the Canaanite royal city of Makkedah.
  • Naamah (demon), an angel of prostitution, one of the succubus mates of the demon Samael in Zoharistic Qabalah. She is the mother of divination. This Naamah is generally regarded as being the daughter of Lamech; how she became a demon is unclear. In Gnostic Kabbalah, she is called Nahemah.

Non-religious references

  • The Red Book of Appin lists Naamah as the Queen of Fear.
  • Naamah, one of the Companions of Elua in Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy saga.
  • Naaman is the masculine version of the name; a Syrian army commander by this name appears in the Book of Kings.
  • Naamah appears as a primary antagonist in the Dragons In Our Midst series.
  • Naamah is a Polish progressive rock/heavy metal band
  • "Invocation of Naamah" and "Dark Princess Naamah" are songs from Swedish symphonic metal band Therion.
  • Nahemah is a Spanish progressive death metal band.
  • In the roleplay game Changeling: the Lost, a Changeling girl who calls herself Naamah appears as the Queen of Miami's Autumn Court.
  • In the tabletop war game Battletech Naamah is one of the Ascended Manei Domini, and commander of the 49th Shadow Division of the Word of Blake until she stepped down for unspecified reasons.
  • "Naamah" (נעמה) is used as a female given name in contemporary Israel. Literally, it means "Pleasant One", which may help explain its popularity.
  • "Naamah" is the demon who possesses the main character in the novel, Come Closer by Sara Gran.