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Micaiah son of Imlah is a prophet in the Hebrew Bible. He is not the same as the titular prophet of the Book of Micah, also called "The Morasthite" to distinguish him from Micaiah. Today Micaiah is a rare name and it is still debated if it is unisex or for men only.

Michaiah's prophecy

Under duress Micaiah gave a negative prophecy to Ahab (1 Kings 22:8 and 2 Chronicles 18:16), for which he was put in jail. Ahab later died in battle, according to the word of this one true prophet among 400 false prophets.

The prophecy is probably the earliest example in the Hebrew Bible of a representation of a heavenly throne room. It is not clear whether the prophecy represents Micaiah's own belief or a depiction of the beliefs of Ahab's prophets such as Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah, who struck him after the prophecy (1 Kings 22:24)[1]


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