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Mexico City, Mexico Mormon Temple

The Mexico City Mexico Temple is the 26th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The announcement to build a Mormon temple in Mexico came in April 1976. Although it would take eight years to dedicate the first temple in Mexico, since then, eleven other temples have been built in the country. Plans to build the first temple in Mexico, however, were not easy.

In 1976 foreign missionaries were not officially recognized in Mexico, and mandatory laws required all buildings to be open to the public. This was especially problematic since Mormons believe that temples are literal houses of the Lord and only those who prove themselves worthy through their local bishop and stake president may enter the temple. But within a few years, laws changed in encouraging ways and the necessary building permits were approved in 1979.

Importing the necessary building materials and furnishings proved to be another obstacle. Out of respect and love for the Lord, only the finest of materials are used in building Mormon temples, thus the Church leaders requested an exemption from the importation law, as well as importing the materials without tax. Church leaders fasted and prayed and presented their request to the proper government authorities. Amazingly, the requests were approved and signed.

Emil Fetzer was the architect assigned to draw up plans for the Mexico City Mexico Temple. Of the four designs which were presented, one was of a Mayan type architecture. As the First Presidency studied each of the proposed designs, they felt that the one with the Mayan influence was the one most suited to the Mexican site and its surroundings.

The Mexico City Temple was dedicated December 2, 1983 by President Gordon B. Hinckley, then an apostle. The building is faced with white cast stone and white marble chips. It is the fifth largest temple in the Church and the largest temple outside the United States. The Mexico City Mexico Temple has a total of 116,642 square feet, four ordinance rooms, and eleven sealing rooms.


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