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Nontheists, or non-theists, are people who do not believe in deities.[1] They are defined in contradistinction with theists.[2]

The term atheist, in its broadest sense, is synonymous with nontheist.[3][4] However, atheism has a variety of definitions and typologies; nontheism may be used as a more encompassing term, or to avoid connoting antireligion and other views.[4][5][6]

Nontheism encompasses people with a variety of different philosophies and world-views, from some Buddhists to humanists. Persons listed here have either been specifically identified as nontheists or atheists by a reliable source, or have expressed unbelief in deities. People who identify themselves as agnostics, humanists, naturalists, secularists, etc. are not automatically included, as not all who go by these labels are nontheists. Likewise, those who adhere to a movement or philosophy typically associated with atheism, such as the Brights movement, Communism or Objectivism, are not listed unless their unbelief in deities has been confirmed by a reliable source.

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Footnotes and citations

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