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This is a list of mosques in Europe.

Name Images Country City Year G Remarks
Baitul Awwal Albania Tirana ? AMJ Awwal = The First, The Alpha 41°19′54″N 19°49′2″E / 41.33167°N 19.81722°E / 41.33167; 19.81722
Photo 1, 2
Et'hem Bey Mosque
Et'hem Bey Mosque Tirana 1.JPG
Albania Tirana ? U
Skadar Mosque
Albania Shkodër ? U
Khadija Mosque Germany Berlin October 16, 2008 52°34′22″N 13°25′51″E / 52.57278°N 13.43083°E / 52.57278; 13.43083Coordinates: 52°34′22″N 13°25′51″E / 52.57278°N 13.43083°E / 52.57278; 13.43083
Great Mosque of Brussels
Bruxelles (Cinquantenaire) la grande Mosquée.JPG
Belgium Brussels 1879, 1978 SA The original building was built to form the East Pavilion of the National Exhibition in Brussels in 1880.
Baitus Salam Belgium Brussels ? AMJ 50°52′33″N 4°14′23″E / 50.87583°N 4.23972°E / 50.87583; 4.23972
Mosque Lebbeke
Belgium Lebbeke ? U 51°1′9″N 4°5′40″E / 51.01917°N 4.09444°E / 51.01917; 4.09444
Arnaudija mosque Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka 1594 U
Ferhadija mosque
Ferhadija reconstruction.JPG
Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka 1579 U destroyed in 1993, under reconstruction
Šišman Ibrahim Paša Mosque Pocitelj.PNG Bosnia and Herzegovina Počitelj 1562/63 U Aka Hadži-Alijina Mosque
Ali Pasha's Mosque Sarajevo
Alipasina dzamija.jpg
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 1560-61 U
Baitus Salam Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 2004 AMJ
Gazi Husrev-beg's Mosque
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 1531 U aka “Begova Dzamija”
King Fahd Mosque Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 2000 SA aka “Fahdova Dzamija”, Photo 1, 2
Emperor's Mosque
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 1462 / 1566 U aka “Careva Dzamija”, first built 1462, rebuilt 1566
Coloured Mosque Suleimania Mosque 02.JPG Bosnia and Herzegovina Travnik 1757 U aka “Süleymaniye-Mosque”
Djumaya Mosque
Moschee Plovdiv.jpg
Bulgaria Plovdiv 1364 U
Ibrahim Pasha Mosque
Maktul ibrahim Pasa Camii (Razgrad).jpg
Bulgaria Razgrad 1616 U
Tombul Mosque
Tombul Djamia Shumen.JPG
Bulgaria Shumen 1740-1744 U
Banya Bashi Mosque
Bulgaria Sofia 1576 U
Arabahmet Mosque Cyprus Nicosia
Hala Sultan Tekke
Cyprus Larnaca c.647 U Considered a holy place for Muslims, .[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque Famagusta
Cyprus Famagusta ? U Saint Nicolas Cathedral was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman Empire captured Famagusta in 1571.
Selimiye Mosque
St sophia.jpg
Cyprus Nicosia ?
Tauba Mosque Denmark Copenhagen ? U
Bilal Mosque France Clichy-sous-Bois near Paris ? U [8]
Mosquée d'Évry France Évry 1984 U
Lyon Mosque France Lyon 1994 U
Grande Mosquée de Paris
„La Mosquée de Paris“
Mosque Paris Aug 2006 002.jpg
France Paris 1922-1926 U Spanish-Moorish mosque, center of the Moslem community in France.
Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque
Abdulaziz Mosque Gibraltar.jpg
Gibraltar Gibraltar 1997 SA August 8, 1997 (also known as: King Fahd bin Abdulaziz al-Saud Mosque)
Old Mosque in Pécs Hungary Pecs 2005 June 039.jpg Hungary Pécs ? U
Mosque of Pasha Jacowali Hassan Pecs01.jpg Hungary Pécs ? U
Reykjavík Mosque
Moskan i reykjavik.JPG
Iceland Reykjavik 2002 U Also home to the Félag Múslima á Íslandi (Association of Muslims in Iceland)
Dublin Mosque Ireland Dublin 1976 U
Mosque of Rome
Moschea 00497.JPG
Italy Rome 1995 SA
  Marktplatz Ohrid.JPG Macedonia Ohrid ? U
Aladja Mosque Aladja Moschee01.JPG Macedonia Skopje 1438 U
Isak Bey Mosque Isak Bey Turbe Aladja Mosque Skopje.JPG Macedonia Skopje U
Mustapha Pasha Mosque
Macedonia Skopje 1492 U
Coloured Mosque in Tetovo Macedonia Tetovo 1495 U Photo
Mariam Al-Batool Mosque Malta Paola 1978 WICS The only Mosque in the Maltese Islands
Hussein Pasha Mosque Mosquepv.jpg Montenegro Pljevlja ? U
Podgorica Mosque Podgorica Mosque.JPG Montenegro Podgorica ? U
Assoenna Mosque Netherlands Amsterdam ? U
Fatih Mosque
Netherlands Amsterdam ? U Formerly a Roman Catholic church San Ignacio
El Tawheed Mosque Netherlands Amsterdam ? U
Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Sultan Ahmet Moskee.jpg
Netherlands Delft ? U
Aqsa Mosque
Netherlands The Hague ? U
Mobarak Mosque
Moskee Den Haag Oostduinlaan.jpg
Netherlands The Hague 1955 AMJ First purpose-built mosque in the Netherlands
Fatih Mosque Netherlands Eindhoven ? U
Furqaan Mosque Netherlands Eindhoven ? U
Essalaam Mosque Netherlands Rotterdam ? U
Mevlana Mosque
2004 Mevlana Moschee Rotterdam.JPG
Netherlands Rotterdam ? U
Bergen Mosque
„Moske i Bergen“
Moske i Bergen.JPG
Norway Bergen ? U
Oslo Mosque
„Moske i Oslo“
Ahmadiyya mosque Oslo.jpg
Norway Oslo 1980 AMJ
Bohoniki Mosque
Bohoniki meczet zima.jpg
Poland Bohoniki 19/20th century U pl:Meczet w Bohonikach
Gdańsk Mosque
Meczet Gdansk 1.jpg
Poland Gdańsk 1989 U pl:Meczet w Gdańsku
Kruszyniany Mosque
Kruszyniany Mosque.jpg
Poland Kruszyniany 18/19th century U pl:Meczet w Kruszynianach
Warsaw Mosque Poland Warsaw 1993 U pl:Meczet w Warszawie
Lisbon Mosque Portugal Lisbon 1988 U
Carol I Mosque Moscheea Carol I, Constanta.JPG Romania Constanţa 1912 U
Mangalia Mosque Romania Mangalia 1525 U
Nurulla Mosque
Russia Kazan 1849 U 1845-1849
Qolsharif Mosque
Qolsharif edit.JPG
Russia Kazan ? U Republic of Tatarstan, Reputedly the largest mosque in Europe[9]
Moscow Cathedral Mosque Russia Moscow 1904 U
Saint Petersburg Mosque
Saint Petersburg Mosque.jpg
Russia St Petersburg 1909-20 U
Edinburgh Central Mosque
Edinburgh central mosque.JPG
Scotland, UK Edinburgh 1998 SA King Fahd Mosque and Islamic Centre of Edinburgh
Glasgow Central Mosque
Wfm glasgow central mosque front.jpg
Scotland, UK Glasgow 1983 U
Bajrakli Mosque
Bajrakli džamija.jpg
Serbia Belgrade 1575 U Built around 1575
Mezquita de Córdoba
Cordoba moscheefassade.jpg
Spain Córdoba 784 “Great Mosque of Cordoba”, now a Catholic cathedral
Albaicín Mosque Spain Granada 2003 U
Basharat Mosque
Spain Pedro Abad 1982 AMJ First construction of a mosque after 700 years
Mosque of Madrid
Centro Cultural Islámico - Mezquita de Madrid 01.jpg
Spain Madrid 1992 SA A.k.a. Islamic Cultural Center (es:).
40°26′18″N 3°39′26″W / 40.43833°N 3.65722°W / 40.43833; -3.65722
Madrid Central Mosque
Madrid central mosque.jpg
Spain Madrid 1988 UCIDE A.k.a. Abu-Bakr Mosque.
40°27′24.2″N 3°42′3.6″W / 40.456722°N 3.701°W / 40.456722; -3.701
Mezquita de Bab al-Mardum
Cristo de la Luz.jpg
Spain Toledo 999 Historical Mosque, converted into a Hermitage Chapel of the Holy Cross
Mezquita de las Tornerias Spain Toledo Middle of the 11th century Historical Mosque, converted into the cultural center Centro de Promoción de la Artesanía de Castilla-La Mancha
Bellevue Mosque Sweden Gothenburg ? U
Nasir Mosque Sweden Gothenburg 1963 AMJ
Malmö Mosque
Mosque Malmö.jpg
Sweden Malmö 1984 U
Fittja Mosque
Fittja Mosque.jpg
Sweden Stockholm ? T
Stockholm Mosque
„Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's Mosque“
Stockholms moské (gabbe).jpg
Sweden Stockholm 2000 U 1903 vom schwedischen Architekten Ferdinand Boberg als Elektrizitätskraftwerk entworfen
Uppsala Mosque
Uppsala Mosque.jpg
Sweden Uppsala ? U
Selimiye Mosque
Edirne 7333 Nevit.JPG
Turkey Edirne 1568-1575 U
Eyüp Sultan Mosque
Eyüp Sultan Camii 2.jpg
Turkey Istanbul 1458 U It was the first mosque constructed by the Ottoman Turks following their conquest of Constantinople in 1453.
Fatih Mosque
Fatih Mosque Istanbul.jpg
Turkey Istanbul 1463-1470 U The original mosque was destroyed by the earthquake of 1766; the current mosque dates from 1767.
Hagia Sophia
Aya sofya.jpg
Turkey Istanbul 1453 (converted from a church) Constructed as a patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, now a museum.
Hamidiye Mosque
Yildiz Hamidiye Mosque, Istanbul 01.jpg
Turkey Istanbul 1885 U
Süleymaniye Mosque
Istanbul - Süleymaniye camii - Foto G. Dall'Orto 26-5-2006 - 13.jpg
Turkey Istanbul 1557 T Second biggest mosque of Istanbul
Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Blaue moschee 6minarette.jpg
Turkey Istanbul 1609-1616 U
Birmingham Central Mosque
Birmingham Central Mosque.jpg
United Kingdom Birmingham 1975 U
Darul Barakaat Mosque United Kingdom Birmingham 2004 AMJ 30 September 2004, app. 500 worshippers[10]
52°28′36.2″N 1°51′54.5″W / 52.476722°N 1.865139°W / 52.476722; -1.865139
Green Lane Mosque
Green Lane Mosque sym.jpg
United Kingdom Birmingham 1970s AH Run by Ahle Hadith
Markazi mosque United Kingdom Dewsbury 1982 TJ European headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat. Situated in an almost entirely Muslim district named Savile Town.
Nasir Mosque United Kingdom Hartlepool 2005 AMJ 11 November 2005, cost: £500,000,[11]
54°41′35″N 1°12′58.4″W / 54.69306°N 1.216222°W / 54.69306; -1.216222
Leeds Grand Mosque United Kingdom Leeds Converted from church in 1994 U
Al-Rahma mosque United Kingdom Liverpool 1889 U Third mosque in England: December 25, 1889
Baitul Futuh
Baitul Futuh.jpg
United Kingdom London 2003 AMJ The third largest mosque in Western Europe
London Central Mosque (Regent's Park-Mosque)
London Central Mosque2.JPG
United Kingdom London 1977 U
North London Central Mosque (aka Finsbury Park Mosque)
Finsbury park mosque.jpg
United Kingdom London 1995 U
East London Mosque (London Muslim Centre)
East London Mosque Front View.jpg
United Kingdom London 1985 U
Manchester Central Mosque (aka Victoria Park Mosque) United Kingdom Manchester ? U
Medina Mosque
Medina Mosque 09-12-06.jpg
United Kingdom Sheffield 2006 U
Shah Jahan Mosque
Shah Jahan Mosque TQ0159 214.jpg
United Kingdom Woking 1889 U First mosque in England (second mosque in Great Britain): October/November 1889
Masjid-e-Abu Hurairah United Kingdom Cardiff 1860 U First mosque established in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Ahmadiyya Mosque Berlin
2002-07-20 Moschee-Wilmersdorf.jpg
Germany Berlin-Wilmersdorf 1924 AAIIL First mosque built after Word War II. in Germany
Imam Ali Mosque
Imam-Ali-Moschee Hamburg.jpg
Germany Hamburg-Uhlenhorst 1961 IZH Build by Iranian business men
Bilal Mosque
Bilal-Moschee, Aachen.jpg
Germany Aachen 1964 IZA Maintained by Islamisches Zentrum Aachen
Freimann Mosque
Moschee Freimann Rückansicht.JPG
Germany Munich-Freimann 1973 IZM Foundation stone in 6. October 1967
Şehitlik Mosque
Sehitlik4 Moschee Berlin.JPG
Germany Berlin-Neukölln 2004 DITIB Architect: Hilmi Senalp
Central Mosque Duisburg Germany Duisburg-Marxloh 2008 DITIB
Mahmood Mosque
Mahmud Moschee.jpg
Switzerland Zürich 1963 AMJ First mosque in Switzerland.
Geneva Mosque Switzerland Geneva 1978 U Inaugurated by rey Chalid ibn Abd al-Aziz.
Winterthur Mosque Switzerland Winterthur ? U Mosque of an Islamic-Albanian Community.
Telfs Mosque Austria Telfs 1998 DITIB Minaret later built in 2006
Vienna Islamic Centre
Moschee Wien.jpg
Austria Vienna 1977 U Built in order of rey Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz.
Rasheed Mosque Austria Vienna 2005 U Built by Muslims of Ghana, Nigeria and Benin.
Mosque Bad Vöslau Austria Bad Vöslau DITIB Construction started in 2008.
AAIIL Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam
AMJ Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
DITIB Diyanet İşleri Türk İslam Birliği
IZA Islamic Centre Aachen
IZH Islamic Centre Hamburg
IZM Islamic Centre Munich
WICS World Islamic Call Society
SA Saudi Arabia (Wahhabism)
TJ Tablighi Jamaat
T Turkish group
UCIDE Union of Islamic Communities of Spain
U Unknown

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