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Abbeys and priories in Ireland lists abbeys, priories, friaries or other monastic religious houses in Ireland. This article does not include foundations in Northern Ireland, which are covered in List of abbeys and priories in Northern Ireland.


Article layout

The list is presented alphabetically by County. Foundations are listed alphabetically within each county.

Communities/provenance: shows the status and communities existing at each establishment, together with such dates as have been established as well as the fate of the establishment after dissolution, and the current status of the site.

Alt. Name: some of the establishments have had alternative names over the course of time. In order to assist in text-searching such alternatives in name or spelling have been provided.

Formal Name/dedication: shows the formal name of the establishment or the person in whose name the church is dedicated, where known.

Refs.: presents links to online references to the particular establishment in addition to the general printed and online references given at the foot of this article. Establishments for which online references have not been specified are referred to within the printed references listed.

Location: provides a link to the geographical position of the site of the foundation where established. Where the location has been established the location is pinpointed (dependent on the available resolution of the map data), otherwise the general location is given in italic.

Monastic Glossary: following the listing, provides links to articles on the particular monastic orders as well as other terms which appear in the listing.

Abbreviations and Key

The sites listed are ruins or fragmentary
remains unless indicated thus:-
* indicates current monastic function
+ indicates current non-monastic ecclesiastic function
^ indicates current non-ecclesiastic function
= indicates remains incorporated into later structure
# indicates no identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ indicates exact site of monastic foundation unknown
Trusteeship denoted as follows:-
NM National Monument
C.I. Church of Ireland
R.C. Roman Catholic Church
Other abbreviations
ante before post after
trns transferred rmv removed
c. circa (about) fd. founded
dis. dissolved fl. flourished (where fd. and dis. not known)
exp. expelled rfd. refounded
blt. built dst. destroyed
prob. probably poss. possibly

List of Houses by County

County Carlow

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Acaun # supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 52°50′31″N 6°43′02″W / 52.8419725°N 6.7172813°W / 52.8419725; -6.7172813
Agha Monastery Celtic monks
fd. by St Fintan;
poss. not fl. post10thC
Achad-finglass Monastery;
Achadfinglass Monastery;
Augha Monastery
52°43′00″N 6°55′11″W / 52.716628°N 6.919804°W / 52.716628; -6.919804
Aghade Priory Augustinian (Arrouasian) nuns, cell of St Mary de Hogges, Dublin
fd. 1151 by Dermot mac Murchard, King of Leinster;
dis. ante1500?
Athaddy Priory;
Athade Priory;
Aghade Nunnery;
Aghadh Priory
52°45′36″N 6°44′12″W / 52.7600091°N 6.7365932°W / 52.7600091; -6.7365932
Ballymoon Preceptory Supposed (though dubious) establishment of Knights Templar fd. c.1300 Bally MacWilliam-roe Preceptory [5] 52°42′00″N 6°54′26″W / 52.7000541°N 6.9071388°W / 52.7000541; -6.9071388
Carlow Monastery Celtic monks 52°50′03″N 6°55′32″W / 52.834299°N 6.9255066°W / 52.834299; -6.9255066
Poor Clare Monastery Carlow,
Poor Clares
fd. 19thC
[6] 52°49′55″N 6°56′02″W / 52.8318424°N 6.9337571°W / 52.8318424; -6.9337571
Clonmore Monastery Celtic monks
fd. 6thC by St Mogue;
poss. not fl. post10thC
[7] 52°49′38″N 6°34′10″W / 52.8272595°N 6.5693307°W / 52.8272595; -6.5693307
Dunleckney Preceptory Knights Templar
fd. 1300-1308
52°42′29″N 6°57′13″W / 52.7080633°N 6.9536591°W / 52.7080633; -6.9536591
Killerig Preceptory Knights Templar, later Knights Hospitaller
dis. and granted to the wife of Gerard Aylmer 1590
Killargy Preceptory 52°50′36″N 6°47′17″W / 52.843424°N 6.78792°W / 52.843424; -6.78792
Killeshin Monastery Celtic monks
fd. 6thC by St Comghan
[8] 52°50′57″N 6°59′38″W / 52.8492558°N 6.9937849°W / 52.8492558; -6.9937849
Leighlin Abbey Celtic monks
fd. 7thC by St Gobban
Old Leighlin Abbey [9] 52°44′11″N 7°01′45″W / 52.7363436°N 7.0291042°W / 52.7363436; -7.0291042
Leighlinbridge Monastery Carmelite monks
fd. 13thC by a member of the Carew family;
dis. and converted into a fort
[10] 52°44′08″N 6°58′42″W / 52.7355121°N 6.9784641°W / 52.7355121; -6.9784641
Lorum Monastery Celtic monks
St Mullin's Monastery StMullinsAbbey Carlow.JPG Celtic monks
fd. 7thC; (NM)
[11] 52°29′20″N 6°55′39″W / 52.488889°N 6.9275558°W / 52.488889; -6.9275558
St Mullin's Abbey StMullinsAbbey Carlow.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 632 by St Molling;
plundered and burnt ante1138; (NM)
52°29′20″N 6°55′39″W / 52.488889°N 6.9275558°W / 52.488889; -6.9275558
Tullow Abbey # Knights Hospitaller
fd. 1212;
Augustinian Canons Regular
dis.; granted to Thomas, Earl of Thomond, December 1557
Tully Abbey;
The Black Abbey
[14] 52°48′11″N 6°43′58″W / 52.8030209°N 6.7327309°W / 52.8030209; -6.7327309

County Cavan

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Cavan Friary CavanFriary.JPG Dominican Friars
fd. (c.)1300 by Giolla O'Reilly;
Franciscan Friars c.1393;
Observant-Franciscan Friars ante1516-1826
The Friary Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Cavan 53°59′23″N 7°21′43″W / 53.9897576°N 7.3620415°W / 53.9897576; -7.3620415
Drumlane Abbey Celtic monks
fd. ante550, reputedly by St Maidoc;
Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 12thC;
dis.; granted for a term of 21 years to Hugh O'Reilly c.1570;
prob. demolished 16thC
Drumlane Priory The Priory Church of Saint Mary, Drumlane [15] 54°03′33″N 7°28′40″W / 54.0591108°N 7.4779129°W / 54.0591108; -7.4779129
Killinagh Monastery Celtic monks 54°17′11″N 7°54′42″W / 54.2863727°N 7.9117012°W / 54.2863727; -7.9117012
Kilmore Abbey Celtic monks
fd. 6thC by St Columb
53°59′34″N 7°24′36″W / 53.9928861°N 7.4100208°W / 53.9928861; -7.4100208
Lough Oughter Abbey Premonstratensian Canons
fd. 1237 by Clarus M. Moylon, Archdeacon of Elphin
dis. and granted for a period of 21 years to Hugh O'Reilly 1570
Trinity Priory 53°59′11″N 7°27′47″W / 53.986255°N 7.463050°W / 53.986255; -7.463050
Slanore Monastery Celtic monks
fd. by Colman mac Echdach
53°57′37″N 7°25′24″W / 53.9603276°N 7.4232388°W / 53.9603276; -7.4232388
Tomregan Monastery Celtic monks 54°06′59″N 7°35′43″W / 54.116276°N 7.5953293°W / 54.116276; -7.5953293
Urney Monastery Celtic monks [16] 54°02′55″N 7°24′15″W / 54.0487064°N 7.4041843°W / 54.0487064; -7.4041843

County Clare

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Bishop's Island Monastery Celtic monks
fd. 6thC by St Senan
52°40′29″N 9°41′28″W / 52.6746647°N 9.6910572°W / 52.6746647; -9.6910572
Canon Island Abbey Canon Island Abbey.png Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. end12thC by Donald O'Brien, King of Limerick;
dis.; granted to Henry, Earl of Thomond; (NM)
Inisnegananagh Priory 52°39′57″N 9°03′11″W / 52.6659167°N 9.0529863°W / 52.6659167; -9.0529863
Clare Abbey, Clarecastle Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 1189 or 1191 by Donald O'Brien, King of Limerick
dis.; granted to Henry, Earl of Thomond 1661; (NM)
Clareabbey The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Clareabbey 52°49′44″N 8°58′09″W / 52.829006°N 8.969058°W / 52.829006; -8.969058
Corcomroe Abbey Corcomroe Abbey Crossing And Presbytery 1997 09 03.jpg Cistercian monks
fd. 1194/5, endowed by Donald O'Brien, King of Limerick;
dis.; granted to Richard Harding; (NM)
Sancta Maria de Petra Fertili The Abbey Church of Saint Mary of the Fertile Rock, Corcomroe [19] 53°07′36″N 9°03′14″W / 53.1267663°N 9.0539575°W / 53.1267663; -9.0539575
Drumcliff Monastery Celtic monks
fd. 6thC reputedly by St Colmcille
52°52′04″N 8°59′51″W / 52.867895°N 8.997550°W / 52.867895; -8.997550
Dysert O Dea Monastery Dysert O Dea Doorway.jpg Celtic monks
fd. ante735;
remains of 12thC church on site
Dissert O'Dea Monastery [22]
52°54′33″N 9°04′06″W / 52.909244°N 9.068390°W / 52.909244; -9.068390
Ennis Friary * Franciscan Friars
fd. ante1242? by Donchad Cairbreach O'Brien, King of Thomond; c.1284
reformed 1550;
dis.; granted to the Earl of Thomond 1578; granted to William Dongan Esq.;
last friar died 1617;
friars returned 1628; exp. 1651;
friars returned c.1660; exp. 1693;
parish church 1615;
Franciscan Friars 1969-present
Nave: St Francis [24]
52°50′46″N 8°58′54″W / 52.846016°N 8.981610°W / 52.846016; -8.981610
Ennis Friary * Franciscan Friars
fd. 1841; acq. 1854;
Provincial Novitiate House 1877; Novitiate House of the Irish Province 1902
52°50′46″N 8°58′54″W / 52.846016°N 8.981610°W / 52.846016; -8.981610
Ennis Monastery * Poor Clare nuns 52°50′48″N 8°59′01″W / 52.8465862°N 8.9835548°W / 52.8465862; -8.9835548
Enniskerry Monastery Celtic nuns Mutton Island Monastery 52°48′47″N 9°30′45″W / 52.813077°N 9.512596°W / 52.813077; -9.512596
Ennistimon Monastery Celtic monks Ennistymon Monastery 52°56′16″N 9°18′05″W / 52.9377762°N 9.3014717°W / 52.9377762; -9.3014717
Feenish Monastery Celtic nuns 52°42′21″N 8°58′20″W / 52.7058791°N 8.972311°W / 52.7058791; -8.972311
Glencolumbkille Abbey Columban monks
fd. by St Columcille;
CI Church on site
Glan Columb-chille 53°02′01″N 9°00′00″W / 53.0337297°N 9.0000343°W / 53.0337297; -9.0000343
Illaunmore Monastery Celtic monks
poss. not fl. post10thC
Mucinis Monastery? 52°57′55″N 8°17′42″W / 52.9653905°N 8.2950211°W / 52.9653905; -8.2950211
Illaunmore #,
Lough Derg
poss. monastic site - order and period unknown 52°35′57″N 9°46′21″W / 52.5991117°N 9.7725964°W / 52.5991117; -9.7725964
Inchicronan Priory Augustinian Canons Regular from Clareabbey
fd. 1189 by Donald O'Brien, King of Limerick, parish church 1302, blt. on the site of an earlier monastery;
dis.; granted to Henry, Earl of Thomond 1661; (NM)
Inchycronayne Monastery 52°55′05″N 8°54′23″W / 52.917942°N 8.906492°W / 52.917942; -8.906492
Inishcealtra Monastery, Inishcealtra
(Holy Island)
fd. 653 by St Camin, buried here Iniskeltair Abbey;
Iniscealtra Monastery;
Inis Cealtra Abbey;
Inishcaltra Monastery
52°54′56″N 8°26′54″W / 52.915574°N 8.448333°W / 52.915574; -8.448333
Inishloe Abbey Celtic monks
fd. by Turlogh, King of Thomond, buried here
Inisanlaoi Abbey 52°40′37″N 9°01′10″W / 52.6770066°N 9.0194321°W / 52.6770066; -9.0194321
Kilcarragh Monastery Granted to John King [30] 52°59′14″N 9°13′29″W / 52.9871747°N 9.2246103°W / 52.9871747; -9.2246103
Kilfenora Monastery Celtic monks
prob. continuing post1111
52°54′56″N 9°12′55″W / 52.915630°N 9.2153406°W / 52.915630; -9.2153406
Kilfenora Abbey Franciscan friars; (NM)
Killadusert Monastery Celtic monks Killadysert Monastery 52°40′24″N 9°06′24″W / 52.6733636°N 9.106636°W / 52.6733636; -9.106636
Killaloe Monastery Celtic monks
prob. continuing post1111
52°48′20″N 8°26′30″W / 52.805563°N 8.441749°W / 52.805563; -8.441749
Killone Abbey Killone Abbey June 2005.JPG Augustinian nuns
fd. 1180 (or monks fd. 1120) by Donald O'Brien, King of Limerick
now in the grounds of Newhall House, with public access
Killoen Abbey The Abbey Church of Saint John, Killone 52°48′22″N 9°00′16″W / 52.806224°N 9.00437°W / 52.806224; -09.004370
Kilshanny Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular cell
dis.; granted to Robert Hickman
Kilshonny Monastery [31]
52°58′49″N 9°17′59″W / 52.9802763°N 9.2995834°W / 52.9802763; -9.2995834
Kilnagellech Monastery Celtic nuns Kinagalliagh Monastery 52°38′53″N 9°33′54″W / 52.6480629°N 9.5650148°W / 52.6480629; -9.5650148
Kilshanny Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular 52°58′01″N 9°15′34″W / 52.9669672°N 9.2594576°W / 52.9669672; -9.2594576
Noughaval Monastery Celtic monks [34] 53°00′57″N 9°10′58″W / 53.0157643°N 9.182682°W / 53.0157643; -9.182682
Outhgmama Monastery 53°07′50″N 8°58′05″W / 53.1304486°N 8.9680195°W / 53.1304486; -8.9680195
Quin Abbey Quin abbey drab.jpg Franciscan friars
blt. 1402-1433 by MacNamara;
dis.; granted to Sir Tirlagh O'Brien, of Irishdyman 1583;
repaired by Roman Catholics 1604; (NM)
Quin Friary;
Quinchy Monastery
52°49′04″N 8°51′31″W / 52.8176513°N 8.8586712°W / 52.8176513; -8.8586712
Rath Monastery Celtic monks Rathblathmaic Monastery 52°54′41″N 9°04′29″W / 52.9113348°N 9.0746212°W / 52.9113348; -9.0746212
Rossmanagher Monastery Celtic nuns 52°43′14″N 8°47′09″W / 52.7204902°N 8.7858868°W / 52.7204902; -8.7858868
Scattery Island Monastery RUINS ON SCATTERY ISLAND, 1902.jpeg Celtic monks
fd. 6thC by St Senan (or by St Patrick);
granted to the Mayor and Corporation of Limerick c.1577
Inishscattery Monastery 52°36′51″N 9°31′01″W / 52.6142015°N 9.5168316°W / 52.6142015; -9.5168316
Tomfinlough Monastery Celtic monks; prob. not continuing post10thC;
site now occupied by remains of Tomfinlough church
Finlough Monastery 52°46′59″N 8°50′22″W / 52.7830388°N 8.8395309°W / 52.7830388; -8.8395309
Tomgraney Abbey Celtic monks Tomgrany Abbey;
Tuamgranney Abbey;
Tuamgraney Abbey
52°53′51″N 8°32′31″W / 52.8975644°N 8.5420418°W / 52.8975644; -8.5420418
Tulla Abbey Celtic monks 52°52′01″N 8°45′24″W / 52.86685°N 8.7565327°W / 52.86685; -8.7565327

The following supposed foundation in Co. Clare is prob. a confusion of other sites in Ireland:-

Inchmore Abbey: (fd. by St Senan): An Ecclesiastical History of Ireland:[35]

County Cork

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Abbeymahon Abbey AbbeymahonAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks
trns from Aghamanister
fd. 1278 by Count McSheribay;
dis. 1541
Abbey Mahon Abbey;
Maure Abbey
[36] 51°38′12″N 8°44′11″W / 51.6367183°N 8.7362766°W / 51.6367183; -8.7362766
Abbeystrowry Abbey AbbeystrowryAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks
fd. 14thC
Strowry Abbey [37] '51°33′06″N 9°17′19″W / 51.5517524°N 9.2885542°W / 51.5517524; -9.2885542
Aghadown Monastery Celtic monks Aughadown Monastery 51°32′19″N 9°23′12″W / 51.5385948°N 9.3866158°W / 51.5385948; -9.3866158
Aghamanister Abbey Cistercian monks from Baltinglass;
fd. 1172 by Dermot MacCormac MacCarthy, King of Desmond
trns to Abbeymahon 1278
[38] 51°37′32″N 8°46′28″W / 51.625527°N 8.774344°W / 51.625527; -8.774344
Ballybeg Priory Ballybeg Abbey.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 1229 by Philip de Barry;
dis.; granted for 21 years to George Boucher, Esq c.1573 (who forfeited for non-payment of rent);
granted to the wife of Sir Thomas Norris, Governor of Munster; (NM)
52°13′10″N 8°40′11″W / 52.219334°N 8.669831°W / 52.219334; -8.669831
Ballygarvan ~ supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 51°49′20″N 8°27′43″W / 51.8221982°N 8.4618759°W / 51.8221982; -8.4618759
Ballymacadane Abbey nuns
fd. 1450 by Cormac MacCarthy
Ballymacadane Nunnery [41] 51°50′18″N 8°34′09″W / 51.8382072°N 8.5692394°W / 51.8382072; -8.5692394
Ballymacadane Friary Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular 51°50′18″N 8°34′09″W / 51.8382072°N 8.5692394°W / 51.8382072; -8.5692394
Ballynoe ~ supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 51°59′31″N 8°03′39″W / 51.9918572°N 8.0608749°W / 51.9918572; -8.0608749
Ballyvourney Abbey Celtic nuns
blt. 650 by St Abban, for St Gobonate;
poss. continuing after 1111
Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular
Ballvourney Abbey [42] 51°56′36″N 9°10′19″W / 51.9433125°N 9.1718674°W / 51.9433125; -9.1718674
Bantry Friary Franciscan Friars
fd. 1466 by Dermot O'Sullivan Beare
51°40′45″N 9°27′00″W / 51.6792614°N 9.4499588°W / 51.6792614; -9.4499588
Bawnatemple Monastery Celtic monks 51°53′14″N 8°52′22″W / 51.8872993°N 8.8726401°W / 51.8872993; -8.8726401
Bridgetown Abbey Bridgetown abbey.jpeg Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. early13thC by Alexander FitzHugh Roche
Bridge Town Priory [45] 52°08′58″N 8°27′00″W / 52.149396°N 8.4499884°W / 52.149396; -8.4499884
Brigown Monastery Celtic monks
poss. not continuing post10thC
52°15′40″N 8°16′07″W / 52.2610659°N 8.2684994°W / 52.2610659; -8.2684994
Buttevant Friary File:Buttevant friary Smith 1750.jpg Franciscan Friars
fd. 1251 (or 1290) by David Oge Barry, Lord Buttevant;
re-occupied from Restoration to post1800; (NM)
Ecclesia Tumulorum [46] 52°13′54″N 8°40′09″W / 52.231536°N 8.669136°W / 52.231536; -8.669136
Carrigillihy Monastery poss. Cistercian monks;
blt. 1172 by Dermot MacCarthy, King of Desmond;
dis.; granted to Nicholas Walshe, in perpetuity c.1587
Carigillihy Monastery;
Curraghalicky Abbey;
Abbey de Sancto Mauro
51°32′23″N 9°07′41″W / 51.5396625°N 9.1281796°W / 51.5396625; -9.1281796
Castlecor ~ supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 52°12′11″N 8°48′07″W / 52.2030831°N 8.8020229°W / 52.2030831; -8.8020229
Castlelyons Abbey Carmelite monks
fd. from within the de Barry family
Castle Lyons Abbey [47] 52°05′21″N 8°14′02″W / 52.0891217°N 8.2339901°W / 52.0891217; -8.2339901
Castlelyons Friary Dominican friars,
fd. 1307 by John de Barry;
Dominicans, Franciscans and Carmelites were associated with the foundation
dis. 1541; granted to Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork
a hedge school 18thC
Castle Lyons Monastery [48] 52°05′28″N 8°14′25″W / 52.0911718°N 8.2401967°W / 52.0911718; -8.2401967
Castlemartyr Priory Carmelite monks 51°54′36″N 8°03′31″W / 51.9099142°N 8.0585575°W / 51.9099142; -8.0585575
Cecilstown ~ supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 52°10′01″N 8°46′13″W / 52.1670357°N 8.7703514°W / 52.1670357; -8.7703514
Clear Island Monastery Celtic monks 51°26′18″N 9°30′34″W / 51.4382262°N 9.5094395°W / 51.4382262; -9.5094395
Clogagh Friary Franciscan Friars, Third Order Regular 51°40′29″N 8°48′01″W / 51.6747907°N 8.8003922°W / 51.6747907; -8.8003922
Clonmeen Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. by Mr O'Callaghan
Clonmere Monastery 52°08′16″N 8°51′54″W / 52.137808°N 8.8650227°W / 52.137808; -8.8650227
Cloyne Cathedral Monastery and Nunnery CloyneCathedral.JPG Nunnery; dst. many times by Vikings 51°51′42″N 8°07′09″W / 51.861735°N 8.119227°W / 51.861735; -8.119227
Coole Abbey Franciscan friars 52°06′33″N 8°12′14″W / 52.109154°N 8.203955°W / 52.109154; -8.203955
Cork Augustinian Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 600 by St Finbar;
dis.; granted c.1590 to Cormac MacCarthy and Sir Richard Grenville
CI Church on site
Cork Augustinian Priory * Augustinian Canons Regular
blt. 1780
[49] 51°53′53″N 8°28′33″W / 51.8980885°N 8.4759468°W / 51.8980885; -8.4759468
Cork Monastery # site prob. now occupied by St Finbarr's Cathedral 51°53′40″N 8°28′49″W / 51.8943246°N 8.4803617°W / 51.8943246; -8.4803617
Cork Augustinian Monastery RedAbbeyTower Cork.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 14th/15thC by Lord Kinsale;
dis.; granted to Cormac MacCarthy c.1576
Red Abbey Tower The Abbey Church of the Most Holy Trinity [50] 51°53′39″N 8°28′20″W / 51.8940896°N 8.472138°W / 51.8940896; -8.472138
Cork Black Friary Dominican friars
fd. 1229 by Philip de Barry;
dis.; granted to William Boureman c.1543
Cork - Gill Abbey fd. 7thC;
site near University College, Cork
51°53′38″N 8°29′35″W / 51.8938678°N 8.4931827°W / 51.8938678; -8.4931827
Cork - St Stephen's Priory fd. ante1295;
converted to the Blue-coat Hospital 1674
Cork Grey Friary Franciscan friars
fd. 1214 by Dermont MacCarthy Reagh;
dis.; granted to Andrew Skydy c.1565
Cork Nunnery nuns
fd. c.1327 by William de Barry
poss. on site later occupied by Market House
Cork Preceptory Knights Templar
blt. 1292
Cullen Monastery Celtic nuns 52°06′44″N 9°07′09″W / 52.1121455°N 9.1190815°W / 52.1121455; -9.1190815
Donaghmore Monastery fd. by St Fingene
now parochial church
Donoughmore Monastery 51°59′20″N 8°44′37″W / 51.9887916°N 8.7437439°W / 51.9887916; -8.7437439
Fermoy Monastery #? Cistercian monks
dis.; granted to Sir Richard Grenville c.1590
de Castro Dei 52°08′15″N 8°16′54″W / 52.137596°N 8.281717°W / 52.137596; -8.281717
Garinish Monastery Celtic monks Kilchuillin Monastery 51°41′26″N 9°37′06″W / 51.6904895°N 9.6183586°W / 51.6904895; -9.6183586
Glanworth Abbey Dominican friars
fd. 1227 by the Roche family
52°11′27″N 8°21′26″W / 52.1908908°N 8.3571357°W / 52.1908908; -8.3571357
Goleen Friary Franciscan friars Gahannyh Friary? 51°29′42″N 9°42′26″W / 51.4950914°N 9.7071934°W / 51.4950914; -9.7071934
Gouganebarra Monastery Celtic monks Gougane Barra Monastery 51°49′53″N 9°20′50″W / 51.8313753°N 9.3473053°W / 51.8313753; -9.3473053
Inishcarra Monastery Celtic monks
fd. by St Senan;
Iniscarra Monastery;
Iniscara Abbey
51°54′30″N 8°39′15″W / 51.9082198°N 8.6540508°W / 51.9082198; -8.6540508
Inishleena Monastery Celtic nuns 51°54′25″N 8°42′04″W / 51.906843°N 8.7010002°W / 51.906843; -8.7010002
Iniskieran Monastery Franciscan friars
fd. 1460 by Florence Moar O'Driscoll
Clear Island Monastery 51°26′20″N 9°29′43″W / 51.4388682°N 9.4951916°W / 51.4388682; -9.4951916
Kilbeacon Monastery Celtic monks;
fd. 650 by St Abban
Kilcatherine Cell Celtic nuns
fd. by St Caitiarn, niece of St Senan; double monastery
Cell Catigern;
[55] 51°42′56″N 9°58′10″W / 51.7155366°N 9.969551°W / 51.7155366; -9.969551
Kilcrea Friary KilcreaFriary.JPG Franciscan friars
fd. 1465 by Cormac MacCarthy More, King of Desmond;
dis. 1577; granted on lease to Sir Cormock MacCarthy who left the Friars in occupancy
sacked 1599;
rst. 1604; exp. c.1614; granted by Oliver Cromwell to Lord Broghill 1641
in trusteeship of Commissioners of Public Works 1892; (NM)
51°51′47″N 8°42′41″W / 51.8631624°N 8.7114716°W / 51.8631624; -8.7114716
Kilcrea Nunnery 51°51′41″N 8°42′41″W / 51.8614398°N 8.7114716°W / 51.8614398; -8.7114716
Kilcrumper Monastery Celtic monks
Benedictine monks; bestowed on Glascarrig 15thC
Cill Cruimthir Monastery [56] 52°11′18″N 8°16′09″W / 52.1882467°N 8.2691002°W / 52.1882467; -8.2691002
Kilkilleen ~ supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 51°31′40″N 9°23′33″W / 51.5278096°N 9.3926239°W / 51.5278096; -9.3926239
Killabraher ~ supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 52°15′46″N 8°48′11″W / 52.2629045°N 8.8029671°W / 52.2629045; -8.8029671
Killaconenagh Monastery Celtic nuns Killachad conchean? 51°38′19″N 9°56′53″W / 51.6386893°N 9.9479485°W / 51.6386893; -9.9479485
Killeenemer Monastery
Kilmaclenine Monastery Celtic monks 52°12′40″N 8°45′08″W / 52.211078°N 8.752327°W / 52.211078; -8.752327
Kilmoney Priory Augustinian Canons Regular 51°47′53″N 8°24′16″W / 51.7979468°N 8.4043694°W / 51.7979468; -8.4043694
Kilnamanagh Monastery Celtic nuns Kilmana Monastery 51°37′55″N 10°02′55″W / 51.6319237°N 10.048542°W / 51.6319237; -10.048542
Kinneigh Monastery Celtic monks
fd. by St Colman [disambiguation needed]; poss. not surviving post10thC
51°46′02″N 8°59′23″W / 51.7672556°N 8.9896488°W / 51.7672556; -8.9896488
Kinsale Priory Augustinian Canons Regular St Gobban 51°42′28″N 8°31′43″W / 51.7076855°N 8.528502°W / 51.7076855; -8.528502
Kinsale Friary* Carmelite Friars
fd. 1334 by Robert Fitzrichard Balrain;
dis. 1543; re-blt 2003-2006
Kinsale Abbey The Friary Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
the Friary Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
51°42′31″N 8°31′30″W / 51.708622°N 8.525131°W / 51.708622; -8.525131
Kilshanahan ~ supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 52°02′07″N 8°19′18″W / 52.0352807°N 8.3218002°W / 52.0352807; -8.3218002
Labbamolaga Monastery Celtic monks
fd. 7thC by St Molaga, reputedly buried here
[60] 52°18′03″N 8°20′30″W / 52.3008162°N 8.3415413°W / 52.3008162; -8.3415413
Legan Abbey,
Benedictine monks, daughter house of Waterford Priory
fl. 1301
[61] 51°51′01″N 8°20′07″W / 51.8502276°N 8.3354044°W / 51.8502276; -8.3354044
Lueim Monastery
Lough Ine Monastery Celtic monks Templebreedy Monastery 51°29′59″N 9°17′51″W / 51.4997669°N 9.2976093°W / 51.4997669; -9.2976093
Midleton Abbey # Cistercian monks from Monasteranenagh
fd. 1179/80 by the FitzGerald family (or the Barry family);
dis. ante1573;
dst. 19thC;
Baptist church of St John reputedly occupies the site
de Choro Sancti Benedicti;
Monasterore Abbey;
Middleton Abbey
The Abbey Church of Saint Mary of Chore [62] 51°54′49″N 8°10′28″W / 51.9136966°N 8.1744826°W / 51.9136966; -8.1744826
Monanimy Commandery Knights Templar Monanimy Preceptory [63]
Mourne Abbey Knights Templar
fd. 13thC by Alexander de Sancta Helena;
later, Knights Hospitaller
Mourne Preceptory;
Ballynamona Preceptory
52°04′52″N 8°37′35″W / 52.0810489°N 8.626349°W / 52.0810489; -8.626349
The Priory, Newmarket 52°12′56″N 8°59′52″W / 52.2154956°N 8.9978886°W / 52.2154956; -8.9978886
Nohaval Monastery Celtic monks 51°43′19″N 8°23′19″W / 51.7218178°N 8.3886623°W / 51.7218178; -8.3886623
Nohavaldaly Monastery Celtic monks Nohaval-daly Monastery 52°05′51″N 9°12′09″W / 52.097437°N 9.2025948°W / 52.097437; -9.2025948
Ross Priory Benedictine monks
fd. 590 by Saint Fachnan Mougach
Rosscarbery Priory;
Ross Carberry Priory
The Priory Church of Saint Mary, Rosscarbery 51°34′36″N 9°01′59″W / 51.5766428°N 9.0329933°W / 51.5766428; -9.0329933
Sherkin Friary Observant-Franciscan Friars
fd. 1460/1470;
dis. 1537; (NM)
Sherkin Island Abbey 51°28′34″N 9°23′59″W / 51.475981°N 9.399796°W / 51.475981; -9.399796
Skeam West Monastery Celtic monks 51°29′43″N 9°26′11″W / 51.4953319°N 9.4363976°W / 51.4953319; -9.4363976
Spittle Bridge Monastery Celtic monks 52°12′10″N 8°16′30″W / 52.2027675°N 8.2749367°W / 52.2027675; -8.2749367
Strawhall Monastery Celtic monks Kilbrenan Monastery 51°49′08″N 8°47′31″W / 51.8190149°N 8.7920666°W / 51.8190149; -8.7920666
Templefaughtna ~ supposed Knights Templar foundation 51°34′38″N 8°59′51″W / 51.5772296°N 8.9973736°W / 51.5772296; -8.9973736
Timoleague Friary TimoleagueFriary.JPG Franciscan Friars
trns from Cregan 1279, blt on the site of an earlier monastery;
dis.; passed to Lord Inchiquin; (NM)
'Timoleague Abbey' 51°38′31″N 8°45′53″W / 51.6419918°N 8.7647724°W / 51.6419918; -8.7647724
Toames Monastery Celtic monks Tuaim-muscraighe Monastery? 51°52′02″N 8°57′12″W / 51.8672701°N 8.9533424°W / 51.8672701; -8.9533424
Tracton Abbey Cistercian monks
blt. 1224 by McCarthy
dis.; granted to James Craig and Henry Guilford 1568;
assigned by Craig to the Earl of Cork
Albus tractus 51°45′41″N 8°23′32″W / 51.7612862°N 8.3921921°W / 51.7612862; -8.3921921
Tullylease Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular 52°19′03″N 8°56′27″W / 52.317452°N 8.940897°W / 52.317452; -8.940897
Weeme Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
fl. 14thC
North Abbey, Youghal NorthAbbeyYoughal.JPG Dominican monks
blt. 1268 by Maurice, descendant of Lord Offaly;
dis.; granted to William Walsh c.1580
51°57′27″N 7°51′15″W / 51.9574371°N 7.854259°W / 51.9574371; -7.854259
South Abbey, Youghal SouthAbbeyYoughalSite.JPG Franciscan monks
blt. 1224 by Maurice Fitzgerald, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
51°56′56″N 7°50′33″W / 51.9488148°N 7.8425431°W / 51.9488148; -7.8425431
Youghal Priory YoughalPriory.JPG Benedictine monks 51°57′24″N 7°51′05″W / 51.956600°N 7.851467°W / 51.956600; -7.851467

County Donegal

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Ard Mhuire Friary* Capuchin-Franciscan Friars 55°07′22″N 7°54′37″W / 55.1226618°N 7.9102421°W / 55.1226618; -7.9102421
Assaroe Abbey Cistercian monks from Boyle
fd. 1178 by Roderick O'Cananan, Prince of Tyrconnell;
dis. post1597
Astrath Abbey 54°30′33″N 8°12′03″W / 54.509034°N 8.200937°W / 54.509034; -8.200937
Balleeghan Friary Franciscan Friars 54°58′52″N 7°36′22″W / 54.981219°N 7.606091°W / 54.981219; -7.606091
Ballymacswiney Monastery 55°08′18″N 7°54′50″W / 55.1384624°N 7.9139328°W / 55.1384624; -7.9139328
Ballymagroarty Monastery Ballymagrorty Monastery 54°33′01″N 8°08′07″W / 54.5502386°N 8.1353331°W / 54.5502386; -8.1353331
Ballysaggart Friary Celtic monks
fd. by St Columb, blt. by M'Ruinifaig
Franciscan Friars
site now occupied by C.I. church
Fanagarah Friary;
Fanegarah Monastery
54°35′39″N 8°23′34″W / 54.594282°N 8.392811°W / 54.594282; -8.392811
Bothchonais Monastery Celtic monks
fl. 11thC
55°17′26″N 7°12′34″W / 55.2904555°N 7.2094345°W / 55.2904555; -7.2094345
Clonca Monastery Cloncha cross church.jpg Celtic monks 55°22′14″N 7°19′48″W / 55.3704782°N 7.3299408°W / 55.3704782; -7.3299408
Clonleigh Monastery Celtic monks
blt. by St Columb c.530;
C.I. church on site
54°52′20″N 7°27′19″W / 54.8721621°N 7.4552536°W / 54.8721621; -7.4552536
Clonmany Monastery Celtic monks
blt. by St Columb;
prob. fl. post1111
55°15′41″N 7°24′39″W / 55.2614141°N 7.4108791°W / 55.2614141; -7.4108791
Conwal Abbey Celtic monks
fd. c.587; prob. fl. post1111
Conwall Monastery 54°56′31″N 7°46′58″W / 54.941960°N 7.782754°W / 54.941960; -7.782754
Cnodain Monastery mentioned by Wm Cobbett
Desertegny Monastery Celtic monks 55°10′27″N 7°29′53″W / 55.1742604°N 7.4981689°W / 55.1742604; -7.4981689
Domnachglinne Tochair Monastery Celtic monks Domnachglinne Tochuir Monastery
Domnach-mor-magene Monastery Celtic monks Domnachmormagene Monastery 54°28′53″N 8°16′23″W / 54.4813086°N 8.2730484°W / 54.4813086; -8.2730484
Donagh Monastery Celtic monks 55°15′08″N 7°15′38″W / 55.2521203°N 7.2605896°W / 55.2521203; -7.2605896
Donegal Friary Donegal Friary SE 2009 09 23.jpg Observant-Franciscan
fd. 1473/4;
dis. 1601; (NM)
'Donegal Abbey';
Donegall Friary
54°39′02″N 8°06′56″W / 54.6504672°N 8.1154257°W / 54.6504672; -8.1154257
Donagmore Monastery Celtic monks
poss. fl. post1111
54°47′29″N 7°33′09″W / 54.7912836°N 7.5525856°W / 54.7912836; -7.5525856
Drumhome Monastery Celtic monks
poss. fl. post1111
54°35′59″N 8°08′33″W / 54.5997405°N 8.1425858°W / 54.5997405; -8.1425858
Eskaheen Iskaheen old graveyard.jpg Iskaheen Monastery 55°05′22″N 7°16′51″W / 55.0895192°N 7.2809315°W / 55.0895192; -7.2809315
Fahan Monastery Fahan Mura Cross Slab 1996 08 29.jpg Celtic monks
fd. by St Columb, poss. fl. post10thC
site now occupied by C.I. church
55°05′00″N 7°27′39″W / 55.083211°N 7.460766°W / 55.083211; -7.460766
Gartan-Rath Monastery Celtic monks
fd. by St Columb 521
Garton Monastery;
Gartan Monastery
55°00′56″N 7°54′31″W / 55.015640°N 7.908705°W / 55.015640; -7.908705
Glencolumbkille Monastery Celtic monks
poss. not fl. post10thC
54°42′37″N 8°43′31″W / 54.7101438°N 8.7252045°W / 54.7101438; -8.7252045
Hilfothuir Abbey Cistercian monks
blt. by O'Dogharty
Inis Saimer Monastery# Celtic monks Ines Samer Monastery 54°30′03″N 8°12′01″W / 54.500949°N 8.200342°W / 54.500949; -8.200342
Inishkeel Monastery Celtic monks Inis Keel Monastery 54°50′51″N 8°27′17″W / 54.8476091°N 8.4548378°W / 54.8476091; -8.4548378
Inver Abbey blt. 563 by St Nutalis
Franciscan Friary blt. on site (see immediately below)
54°39′11″N 8°17′04″W / 54.6530307°N 8.2845497°W / 54.6530307; -8.2845497
Inver Friary Franciscan Friars;
fd. c.1500 on the remains of an earlier abbey (see immediately above)
54°39′11″N 8°17′04″W / 54.6530307°N 8.2845497°W / 54.6530307; -8.2845497
Kilbarron Monastery Celtic monks 54°32′05″N 8°12′58″W / 54.5347289°N 8.2162285°W / 54.5347289; -8.2162285
Kilcar Monastery Kilcartaich Monastery 54°38′01″N 8°35′31″W / 54.6335115°N 8.5919094°W / 54.6335115; -8.5919094
Killybegs Friary Franciscan Friars
blt. by M'Sweeney-bannig
54°38′07″N 8°27′00″W / 54.6352999°N 8.4499454°W / 54.6352999; -8.4499454
Killydonnell Friary Franciscan Friars 55°01′24″N 7°37′00″W / 55.0232006°N 7.616787°W / 55.0232006; -7.616787
Kilmacrenan Friary Franciscan Friars
blt. on the site of earlier abbey
C.I. church on site
55°01′50″N 7°46′40″W / 55.0304818°N 7.7778053°W / 55.0304818; -7.7778053
Kilmacrenan Monastery Celtic monks
poss. fl. post1111
55°01′50″N 7°46′40″W / 55.0304818°N 7.7778053°W / 55.0304818; -7.7778053
Kilmonaster Monastery Cistercian monks
blt. 1194 by O'Dogharty
Kilfothuir Monastery;
Hilfothuir Abbey
54°49′35″N 7°34′38″W / 54.8264035°N 7.5773048°W / 54.8264035; -7.5773048
Lough Derg Monastery,
Station Island
Lough Derg St. Patrick's Cross 2009 09 17.jpg Celtic monks;
Augustinian Canons Regular c.1130,
trns to Saints Island
54°36′57″N 7°52′55″W / 54.6159213°N 7.8820038°W / 54.6159213; -7.8820038
Lough Derg Friary,
Saints Island
Augustinian Canons Regular c.1130
Franciscan Friars fd. ante1631
54°36′56″N 7°53′07″W / 54.615638°N 7.885235°W / 54.615638; -7.885235
Lough Derg Monastery, Station Island Franciscan Friars 1763 54°36′57″N 7°52′55″W / 54.6159213°N 7.8820038°W / 54.6159213; -7.8820038
Magherabeg Friary Franciscan Friars 54°38′06″N 8°07′21″W / 54.6348776°N 8.1224155°W / 54.6348776; -8.1224155
Mevagh Monastery Celtic monks 55°12′21″N 7°49′03″W / 55.2058144°N 7.8176308°W / 55.2058144; -7.8176308
Moville Monastery Celtic monks 55°11′17″N 7°02′26″W / 55.1881296°N 7.0404339°W / 55.1881296; -7.0404339
Moyra Monastery, Ray site occupied by remains of a 16thC church
Racoon Monastery,
nr Ballintra
Patrician monks
fd. c.440
54°34′33″N 8°07′37″W / 54.5759174°N 8.1269217°W / 54.5759174; -8.1269217
Raphoe Monastery Celtic monks
poss. fl. post1111
diocesan cathedral built on site
[65] 54°52′14″N 7°36′14″W / 54.870503°N 7.603853°W / 54.870503; -7.603853
Rathmullan Priory Rathmullan Priory SW 2009 09 25.jpg Carmelite friars
fd. 1516 by Owen Roe MacSweeney
plundered by Bingham 1595
55°05′40″N 7°32′11″W / 55.094313°N 7.536457°W / 55.094313; -7.536457
Raymoghy Monastery Celtic monks
poss. not fl. post10thC
54°56′35″N 7°37′54″W / 54.9429211°N 7.6315498°W / 54.9429211; -7.6315498
Rossnowlagh Friary* Franciscan friars 54°32′49″N 8°12′23″W / 54.546907°N 8.206317°W / 54.546907; -8.206317
Taughboyne Monastery Celtic monks 54°56′25″N 7°31′35″W / 54.9402095°N 7.5263214°W / 54.9402095; -7.5263214
Temple Douglas 54°58′05″N 7°52′12″W / 54.9680565°N 7.8699875°W / 54.9680565; -7.8699875
Tory Island Abbey#? on the site of an earlier monastery Columban (6thC); (NM) 55°15′52″N 8°13′45″W / 55.2643486°N 8.2292747°W / 55.2643486; -8.2292747
Tullaghobegley Monastery 55°06′18″N 8°05′27″W / 55.1050873°N 8.090744°W / 55.1050873; -8.090744

County Dublin

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Balally supposed Early Christian monastic site Balally (Irish: Baile Amhlaoibh, meaning "the town of Olaf") may commenorate a Viking saint.
Baldongan File:The Church & Castle of Baldongan 1820.jpg supposed monastic site of friary & nunnery within the walls of the 13th century Baldongan Castle - order and period unknown Baldungan 53°33′48″N 6°06′47″W / 53.5633301°N 6.1130762°W / 53.5633301; -6.1130762
Ballyboghill Monastery Celtic monks Ballyboughal Monastery 53°31′06″N 6°15′59″W / 53.5184714°N 6.2663269°W / 53.5184714; -6.2663269
Ballymadun supposed monastic site - order and period unknown 53°32′22″N 6°24′13″W / 53.5394913°N 6.403656°W / 53.5394913; -6.403656
Ballyman supposed Knights Templar site 53°12′09″N 6°10′21″W / 53.2025881°N 6.1725783°W / 53.2025881; -6.1725783
Castleknock Monastery Benedictine monks 53°22′19″N 6°21′33″W / 53.3720641°N 6.3591957°W / 53.3720641; -6.3591957
Clondalkin Abbey Celtic monks
poss. fl. post1111
53°19′19″N 6°23′46″W / 53.321831°N 6.396141°W / 53.321831; -6.396141
Clontarf Monastery Celtic monks
site now occupied by C.I. church
53°21′58″N 6°12′27″W / 53.3659955°N 6.2075758°W / 53.3659955; -6.2075758
Clontarf Preceptory Knights Templar
fd. 13thC, later Knights Hospitaller
Clontarf Castle built on site, now the Clontarf Castle Hotel
53°21′53″N 6°12′26″W / 53.3647919°N 6.2071037°W / 53.3647919; -6.2071037
Cruagh Monastery Celtic monks 53°14′37″N 6°18′47″W / 53.243749°N 6.3130188°W / 53.243749; -6.3130188
St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin Savignac monks, from Chester
fd. c.1139;
Cistercian monks 1147; (NM)
53°20′52″N 6°16′10″W / 53.3476949°N 6.2695456°W / 53.3476949; -6.2695456
St Thomas's Abbey, Dublin Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 1177 by King Henry II
The Abbey Church of Saint Thomas the Martyr, Dublin [66]
Finglas Monastery Celtic monks
fd.560 by St Canice; poss. not fl. post10thC;
site occupied by remains of a medieval church
53°23′23″N 6°17′48″W / 53.3897784°N 6.2965393°W / 53.3897784; -6.2965393
Glasmore Monastery Celtic monks 53°29′11″N 6°18′49″W / 53.4864624°N 6.3135338°W / 53.4864624; -6.3135338
Glasnevin Monastery Celtic monks
poss. not fl. post10thC
53°23′34″N 6°14′15″W / 53.3926447°N 6.2375736°W / 53.3926447; -6.2375736
Grace Dieu Abbey,
nr. Donabate
Augustinian Canons Regular, Turvey House was build from the remains of the abbey 53°30′02″N 6°11′23″W / 53.5005555°N 6.1895943°W / 53.5005555; -6.1895943
Grange Abbey (NM)
Howth Abbey The Collegiate Church of St. Mary, Howth 53°23′15″N 6°03′57″W / 53.3875005°N 6.0659337°W / 53.3875005; -6.0659337
Ireland's Eye Monastery 53°24′18″N 6°03′50″W / 53.4051316°N 6.0639381°W / 53.4051316; -6.0639381
Lambay Island Monastery# 53°29′18″N 6°01′25″W / 53.4882498°N 6.0235977°W / 53.4882498; -6.0235977
Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham House, Loretto Abbey.jpg Sisters of Loreto formerly Rathfarnham House
Loreto Abbey,
Sisters of Loreto
Lusk Abbey 53°31′34″N 6°10′03″W / 53.5261351°N 6.1673802°W / 53.5261351; -6.1673802
'The Abbey', Malahide File:Malahide Abbey 1820.jpg ruins of a chapel 53°26′42″N 6°09′49″W / 53.444922°N 6.163747°W / 53.444922; -6.163747
Rathfarnham Priory sometime home of the Curran family
Rathmichael Monastery,
Carrickgolligan Hill
Red Island Monastery,
Holmpatrick Priory,
Augustinian Canons Regular, site now occupied by C.I. church
Swords Monastery= fd. c.560 by St. Columbkill Mervyn Archdall, Monasticum Hibernicum p. 256 Swords Castle
Tallaght Monastery# site now occupied by C.I. church 53°17′21″N 6°21′57″W / 53.28912°N 6.365748°W / 53.28912; -6.365748
Tallaght Friary Dominican Friars
Tullow/Tully Monastery? Tully Church.jpg ruined 13th-C church may occupy site of an Early Christian monastic site Irish: tulach na n-Epscop, meaning "the hill of the bishops"

County Galway

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Abbeygormacan Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
dis.; granted to Ulick Bourke, first Earl of Clanrickard 1543/1544
Gormacan Abbey;Abbey Gormogan Abbey The Abbey Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Gormacan [67]
53°12′59″N 8°20′32″W / 53.2164156°N 8.3422279°W / 53.2164156; -8.3422279
Abbey Grey Monastery Abbeygrey Monastery 53°33′29″N 8°21′56″W / 53.5580536°N 8.3655739°W / 53.5580536; -8.3655739
Ahascragh Abbey CI Church on site Ahaskeragh Abbey 53°23′53″N 8°20′06″W / 53.398168°N 8.334933°W / 53.398168; -8.334933
Annaghdown Priory Arroasian Canons Regular
fd. 13thC; (NM)
The Abbey Church of Saint Mary de Portu Patrum, Annaghdown 53°23′13″N 9°04′22″W / 53.386908°N 9.072736°W / 53.386908; -9.072736
Annaghdown nunnery# Augustinian nuns 578;
Arroasian 1144
Annaghdown Monastery# 6thC
Athenry Friary Franciscan Friars
fd. 1464;
(collegiate church of St Mary once thought to have been the friary church)
Athenry Priory Athenry Priory East Window 2009 09 13.jpg Dominican monks
fd. 1241;
dis. 1574,
became a university 1644; used as a barracks 18thC; (NM)
The Priory Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul 53°17′54″N 8°44′40″W / 53.2982229°N 8.7444514°W / 53.2982229; -8.7444514
Aughrim Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 1220 by Theobald Butler;
dis.; granted to Richard, Earl of Clanricard
Aghrim Priory 53°18′12″N 8°18′55″W / 53.3033901°N 8.3152771°W / 53.3033901; -8.3152771
Claregalway Friary File:Cgfcloister.JPG Franciscan Friars
sic1290-1765; (NM)
Claregalway Abbey 53°20′48″N 8°56′41″W / 53.3468019°N 8.9446397°W / 53.3468019; -8.9446397
Clonfert Monastery Celtic monks
fd. 6thC
53°14′27″N 8°03′30″W / 53.2406959°N 8.0584259°W / 53.2406959; -8.0584259
Clonfert Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 12thC
St Mary's de Porto Puro 53°14′27″N 8°03′30″W / 53.2406959°N 8.0584259°W / 53.2406959; -8.0584259
Clonkeenkerrill Friary Clonkeenkerrill Friary South Transept 2009 09 16.jpg Franciscan Friars
fd. c. 1435
Cloonkeenkerrill Friary, 'St. Kerrill's Abbey'
Clontuskert Priory ClontuskertPriory.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular 12thC-1633, 1637-, blt. on the site of an earlier monastery c.805 (NM) 'Clontuskert Abbey';
'The Old Abbey'
The Priory Church of Saint Mary, Clontuskert 53°16′47″N 8°12′42″W / 53.279636°N 8.2115936°W / 53.279636; -8.2115936
Dromacoo Monastery
Dunmore Friary and Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular Eremites 1425-1574, -1641; (NM) 53°37′13″N 8°44′31″W / 53.620412°N 8.742022°W / 53.620412; -8.742022
Galway Friary Franciscan Friars
fd. 1296
dest. 1657
church converted into a court house.
Current court house on site.
[69] 53°16′31″N 9°03′14″W / 53.2753603°N 9.0538394°W / 53.2753603; -9.0538394
Galway Franciscan Abbey Franciscan Friars
blt. 1660
re-blt. 1781
[70] 53°16′34″N 9°03′17″W / 53.2759794°N 9.054746°W / 53.2759794; -9.054746
Inishbofin Monastery Celtic monks
fd. by St Coleman, 7thC
53°36′56″N 10°11′20″W / 53.6154609°N 10.1887572°W / 53.6154609; -10.1887572
Inishmicatreer Monastery 'Inishmicatreer Abbey' 53°29′57″N 9°15′01″W / 53.499266°N 9.250311°W / 53.499266; -9.250311
Inishmore Monastery Na Seacht dTeampaill;
(The Seven Churches)
Kilbennan Monastery Franciscan monks
fd. by St Benignus
53°32′19″N 8°53′31″W / 53.538749°N 8.892001°W / 53.538749; -8.892001
Kilcorban Friary Dominican Friars;
site now occupied by St. Corban's Church
Kilcolgan Abbey# Irish placename supports tradition of an early abbey founded there
Kilconnell Friary Kilconnell Friary South Range 2 2009 09 16.jpg Franciscan Friars
fd. 1353; dis. 1541;
on the site of an earlier monastery (6thC); (NM)
Killursa Monastery
Kinalehin Friary,
nr. Abbey
Kinalehin Friary South Range 2009 09 17.jpg Carthusian monks, poss. from Hinton
fd. c.1252;
dis. by General Chapter the Grande Chartreuse1321;
granted by Gregory XI to Franciscan Friars c. 1371
Kinaleghin, Kilnalahan [71] 53°06′10″N 8°23′39″W / 53.1026822°N 8.3940697°W / 53.1026822; -8.3940697
Kilmacduagh Monastery Kilmacduagh Abbey.jpg fd. 7thC by St. Colman son of Duagh
Cathedral 11thC.;
St. Mary's Church c.1200, Abbot's house 13thC., O'Heyne's Church 13thC., round tower (leaning, 34 m. high, doorway 8 m. above ground, 11thC.?)
53°02′53″N 8°53′17″W / 53.0480262°N 8.8880253°W / 53.0480262; -8.8880253
Knockmoy Abbey Cistercian monks from Boyle fd. 1190
dis. 1542 (NM)
Collis Victoriae Abbeyknockmoy;
Abbeyknockmoy Abbey
53°26′26″N 8°44′33″W / 53.440519°N 8.742571°W / 53.440519; -8.742571
Kylemore Abbey Kylemoreabbey.jpg Benedictine monks;
mansion now serves as convent boarding school
53°33′42″N 9°53′22″W / 53.561724°N 9.889439°W / 53.561724; -9.889439
Loughrea Priory Loughrea Priory SW 2009 09 17.jpg Carmelite monks
fd. c. 1300;
Discalced Carmelites since 1640
53°12′00″N 8°34′12″W / 53.199912°N 8.569997°W / 53.199912; -8.569997
Meelick Friary+ Franciscan Friars
fd. 1414;
Observant-Franciscan 1479-Reformation, 1680, intermittently-1852;
now R.C. church
53°10′25″N 8°05′08″W / 53.173600°N 8.085498°W / 53.173600; -8.085498
Monasternalea Monastery 53°34′13″N 8°21′34″W / 53.570288°N 8.3593082°W / 53.570288; -8.3593082
Portumna Friary Portumna Priory East Window 2003 09 04.jpg Dominican monks fd. 1426, on the site of the Cistercian monks' priory Portumna Abbey The Friary Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Portumna
Portumna Priory Cistercian monks 1254 Portumna Abbey The Priory Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Portumna 53°05′10″N 8°13′03″W / 53.086075°N 8.217595°W / 53.086075; -8.217595
Ross Errilly Friary,
nr Headford
Refriary.jpg Franciscan Friars
fd. c.1351;
Observant-Franciscan 1470-1656, c.1664-1753; (NM)
53°28′47″N 9°07′54″W / 53.479707°N 9.131543°W / 53.479707; -9.131543
Roundstone Priory Dominican monks
Toombeola Abbey Dominican monks

County Kerry

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Abbeydorney Abbey Kyrie Eleison.jpg Cistercian monks, daughter house of Monasteranenagh
fd. 1154
dis. 1537 (though last abbot active until 1577)
site now in use as a graveyard
Kyrie Eleison
52°21′12″N 9°41′15″W / 52.353413°N 9.687544°W / 52.353413; -9.687544
Aghadoe Monastery ?Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 7thC by St Finan Lobhar; fl. 992;
non-monastic church of the Holy Trinity and St Mary built on site 1158; (NM)
52°04′36″N 9°33′16″W / 52.076801°N 9.554488°W / 52.076801; -9.554488
Ardfert Abbey Georgian mansion
Ardfert Friary Franciscan Friars
fd. c.1253; (NM)
52°19′48″N 9°46′26″W / 52.330135°N 9.773870°W / 52.330135; -9.773870
Ballinskelligs Priory St Michael Ballinskelligs 1996 08 16.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 12thC; (NM)
51°48′56″N 10°16′19″W / 51.815471°N 10.271821°W / 51.815471; -10.271821
Ballyduff Abbey 13thC, 15thC
Church Island Monastery, Valencia Harbour 51°56′15″N 10°17′00″W / 51.937559°N 10.283338°W / 51.937559; -10.283338
Church Island Monastery, Lough Currane 51°50′05″N 10°07′45″W / 51.834855°N 10.129166°W / 51.834855; -10.129166
Derrynane Abbey,
nr. Caherdaniel
6thC 51°45′27″N 10°08′34″W / 51.7574507°N 10.1426753°W / 51.7574507; -10.1426753
Holy Cross Abbey, Tralee Dominican monks The Dominican Church of Holy Cross Abbey [72] 52°16′04″N 9°42′31″W / 52.2677387°N 9.7086059°W / 52.2677387; -9.7086059
Illauntannig Island Monastery,
Maghree Islands
Celtic monks 52°19′34″N 10°01′12″W / 52.3261287°N 10.0199382°W / 52.3261287; -10.0199382
Innisfallen Abbey, Innisfallen Island Innisfallen Abbey, Lough Leanej.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular, on site of an earlier foundation (7thC); (NM) 52°02′48″N 9°33′15″W / 52.046679°N 9.554274°W / 52.046679; -9.554274
Kilcolman Abbey,
52°08′59″N 9°43′50″W / 52.1496916°N 9.7304601°W / 52.1496916; -9.7304601
Killagh Priory,
Augustinian Canons Regular
in the grounds of Kilcolman Abbey, Milltown (see immediately above)
52°08′58″N 9°43′49″W / 52.1494499°N 9.7303922°W / 52.1494499; -9.7303922
Kilrellig Monastery,
Bolus Head
51°47′48″N 10°18′39″W / 51.7965952°N 10.3107476°W / 51.7965952; -10.3107476
Lislaughtin Abbey Franciscan monks 1478-dissolution, 1629-?, prob. blt. on the site of an earlier monastery (7thC); (NM) 52°01′34″N 9°29′41″W / 52.026099°N 9.494714°W / 52.026099; -9.494714
Muckross Abbey MuckrossAbbey.jpg Franciscan monks 52°33′26″N 9°28′12″W / 52.557173°N 9.470004°W / 52.557173; -9.470004
Rattoo Monastery,
nr. Ballyduff
?Augustinian Canons Regular (NM) 52°26′33″N 9°38′59″W / 52.442411°N 9.649852°W / 52.442411; -9.649852
Rattoo Abbey,
nr. Ballyduff
to the east of monastery (see immediately above) 52°26′35″N 9°38′46″W / 52.443046°N 9.646198°W / 52.443046; -9.646198
Riasc Monastery 6thC to 12thC 52°10′03″N 10°23′16″W / 52.1674766°N 10.3878307°W / 52.1674766; -10.3878307
Skellig Michael Monastery,
Great Skellig Island
Skellig huts.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular 51°46′20″N 10°32′19″W / 51.772133°N 10.538514°W / 51.772133; -10.538514
Tralee Priory Dominican Friars The Priory of the Holy Cross, Tralee 52°16′05″N 9°42′34″W / 52.2680753°N 9.7095376°W / 52.2680753; -9.7095376

County Kildare

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Athy Priory Dominican monks
fd. 1257;
dis. 1539
Athy Priory Cruciferi (Augustinian Hospitallers)
Castledermot Friary Franciscan Friars
fd. ante1247;
dis. 1540
Castledermot Monastery Celtic monks
fd. c.800; prob. fl. post1111
Castledermot Priory Cruciferi (Augustinian Hospitallers)
Celbridge Abbey
Clane Friary IMG Clane1272w.jpg Franciscan Friars
fd. 1258;
dis. 1540, 1647-c.1650
53°17′21″N 6°40′59″W / 53.289239°N 6.682935°W / 53.289239; -6.682935
Clane Monastery Celtic monks
fd. c.800; prob. fl. post1111
Clonagh supposed house - order and period unknown
Cloncurry Friary Carmelite Friars
Donaghmore Monastery Patrician monks/Columban monks 6thC
Dunmanoge Monastery Celtic monks prob. not fl. post10thC
Dunmurraghill Monastery Celtic monks prob. not fl. post10thC
Great Connell Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
Inchaquire supposed house - order and period unknown
Kilberry supposed house - order and period unknown
Kilcock [supposed] nuns' house - order and period unknown
Kilcork supposed Knights Templar house - order and period unknown
Kildare Nunnery
Black Abbey, Kildare Black Abbey, Tully.JPG Knights Hospitaller
Grey Abbey, Kildare Franciscan Friars fd. c.1254/1260;
Observant-Franciscan 1520;
dis. 1547; 1621-c.1770
White Abbey, Kildare Carmelite monks
Kilberry Abbey
Kilcullen Abbey Observant-Franciscan 1486-1547, 1640s New Abbey
Kildare Abbey fd. c.470 by St Brigid
Kilteel preceptory, Kilteel Knights Hospitaller
Leixlip Abbey The Abbey Church of Saint Wolstan, Leixlip
Monasterevin Monastery# Cistercian monks 1189;
site now (thought to be) occupied by a stately home named 'Moore Abbey', in use as a hospice 1945-present (below)
Moone Abbey Cruz de Moone.jpg 6thC
Moore Abbey*, Monasterevin Moore Abbey Main Building 2007 08 27.jpg Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary 1945-present;
stately home (thought to be) blt. on the site of Monasterevin Monastery (above), in use as a hospice
Naas Monasteries several medieval monastic foundations located at Naas
Timolin Monastery# Timolin = Tigh Moling - 'St. Moling's Monastery' Tomolin Monastery

County Kilkenny

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Anothmolt Abbey Cistercian monks, from Loghmere
fd. ante1207;
trns to Graiguenamanagh ante1207
Annamult Abbey
Ballylarkin Abbey 13thC?; (NM)
Callan Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. c.1215
'Callan Abbey'
Callan Augustinian Friary Callanaugustinianfriary.jpg Observant-Augustinian Canons Regular fd. c.1462 52°32′45″N 7°23′14″W / 52.54584628°N 7.38711745°W / 52.54584628; -7.38711745
Duiske Abbey+, Graiguenamanagh Graiguenamanach Choir Window SE 1997 08 27.jpg Cistercian monks
fd. ante1207;
dis. 1536; part of church is in R.C. ecclesiastical use; (NM)
Graiguenamanagh Abbey 52°32′28″N 6°57′17″W / 52.541154°N 06.954663°W / 52.541154; -06.954663
Fertagh Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular, 13thC-1780;
now part of a handball alley
Fiddown Monastery fd. 6thC;
church demolished 1870
Freshford Monastery site now occupied by parish church
Grangefertagh Monastery 6thC, site occupied by round tower and ruined chapel Fertagh Monastery
Inistioge Monastery+ Augustinian Canons Regular
incorporated into C.I. parish church
Jerpoint Abbey Jerpoint Abbey E 1997 08 28.jpg Benedictine monks 1158, Cistercian monks from Baltinglass 1180; occupies the site of an earlier Benedictine monastery, traces of which remain (NM). Thomastown R.C. church contains the high altar from Jerpoint Abbey 52°30′39″N 7°09′29″W / 52.51093°N 07.15798°W / 52.51093; -07.15798
Kells Friary Augustinian Canons Regular
Kells Priory Kells-Priory.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular 1193-1540 (NM) 52°32′20″N 7°16′00″W / 52.5388513°N 07.26661682°W / 52.5388513; -07.26661682
St. John's Priory, Kilkenny Priory and C.I. parish church The Priory Church of Saint John, Kilkenny|
Kilkenny Grey Friary Kilkenny Friary as seen from the Round Tower 2007 08 28.jpg Franciscan friars 1231/4-1550, 1553-1559 The Abbey Church of Saint Francis, Kilkenny
Kilkenny Black Friary* Kilkenny Black Abbey SE 2007 08 29.jpg Dominican friars 1225-16thC;
used as a courthouse;
restored 1970s; now in parochial use
'Black Abbey'
Kilkiernan Monastery
Killamery Monastery fd. c.632
Knocktopher Friary^ Carmelite friars; remains incorporated into private house
Loghmere Abbey Cistercian monks, from Stanley
fd. 1202/4;
trns to Anothmolt ante1207
Loughmerans Abbey
Rosbercon Abbey Dominican friars
fd. 13thC
Tibberaghny Monastery fd. 6thC
Tullaherin Monastery

County Laois

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Abbeyleix Abbey# Cistercian monks from Baltinglass
fd. 1183/4 by Corcherger O'Moore (Cucogry O’More);
dis. 1552
Leix Abbey;
Lex Dei
Aghaboe Monastery# fd. 6thC by St Canice 52°55′20″N 7°30′50″W / 52.922248°N 7.513960°W / 52.922248; -7.513960
Aghaboe Priory File:IMG Aghaboe3261.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 1382;
on site of Aghaboe Monastery (above);
dis.; granted to Florence FitzPatrick c.1600
52°55′20″N 7°30′50″W / 52.922248°N 7.513960°W / 52.922248; -7.513960
Aghaboe Friary Dominican friars
fd. 1382
Clonenagh Monastery fd. 6thC by St Fintan;
site now occupied by Clonenagh Church
Erril Monastery
Killeshin Monastery fd. late 545 by St Comghan; 1077;
site occupied by ruined 12thC church (NM)
Oughaval Monastery fd. c. 595 by St Colman of Oughaval;
dissolved by 15th century, buildings dismantled 18th century
Rosenallis Monastery fd. by St Brigid of Kildare;
dis. 1537
53°08′09″N 7°24′20″W / 53.135920°N 7.405638°W / 53.135920; -7.405638
Sleaty Monastery fd. by St Ficah;
site occupied by remains of Sleaty Church
Sletty Monastery 52°51′29″N 6°56′30″W / 52.858031°N 6.941733°W / 52.858031; -6.941733
Timahoe Monastery 52°57′37″N 7°12′12″W / 52.960305°N 7.203228°W / 52.960305; -7.203228

County Leitrim

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Anaghduffe Abbey fd. 766;
CI church on site
Creevelea Friary Creevelea Friary S 2007 08 16.jpg Franciscan friars 1508-1590, 1618-1837 Dromahair Friary 54°13′52″N 8°18′35″W / 54.231065°N 8.309692°W / 54.231065; -8.309692
Rossclogher Abbey,
fd. 8thC by St Tigenach, for his mother, St Mella
Doire Melle;
Doiremelle Nunnery
54°26′28″N 8°14′25″W / 54.440989°N 8.240330°W / 54.440989; -8.240330

County Limerick

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Abbeyfeale Abbey Cistercian monks
fd. 1188 by Brian O'Brien
[73] 52°23′09″N 9°18′03″W / 52.3857109°N 9.3007851°W / 52.3857109; -9.3007851
Abington Abbey Cistercian monks from Arklow 1205-post1557 Mainister Uaithne;
Woney Abbey;
Owney Abbey
Adare Friary+ Augustinian Friary St NicholasChurch Adare.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular c.1316; now in use as C.I. parish church 52°34′04″N 8°47′05″W / 52.567769°N 8.784830°W / 52.567769; -8.784830
Adare Friary, (Franciscan) Franciscan friars 1464; now in the grounds of Adare Manor with public access 'The Black Abbey' 52°34′18″N 8°46′35″W / 52.571699°N 8.776462°W / 52.571699; -8.776462
Adare Abbey Trinitarian Abbey, Limerick, Ireland.jpg Trinitarian friars
fd. c.1230;
dis. 1539
Ardpatrick Monastery Ardpatrick S 2007 08 08.jpg
Askeaton Friary Franciscan friars 1389; (NM)
Ballingarry Friary Franciscan friars
Dysert Monastery,
Glenstal Abbey Benedictine monks;
mansion now in monastic use, and also a school.
Killeedy nunnery
Kilmallock Monastery
Kilmallock Friary Kilmallock Priory SW 2007 08 08.jpg Dominican friars 1291-(1548)-1641; (NM) Killmallock Friary
Monasteranenagh Abbey Cistercian monks from Mellifont 1148/51-1541; (NM)
St. Katherine's Abbey, Monisternagalliaghduff,
nr. Shanagolden
Augustinian nuns
fd. 1298;
dis. 1541
Mungret Abbey (NM)
Rathkeale Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 13thC
Rathkeale Priory The Abbey Church of Saint Mary, Rathkeale

County Longford

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Abbeyderg Abbey AbbeydergAbbey.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular 53°38′17″N 7°47′15″W / 53.638097°N 7.787483°W / 53.638097; -7.787483
Abbeylara Abbey AbbeylaraAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks from St Mary's, Dublin 1210/14-1540 Lara Abbey 53°45′52″N 7°26′46″W / 53.764559°N 7.446135°W / 53.764559; -7.446135
Abbeyshrule Abbey AbbeyshruleAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks from Mellifont
fd. 1200;
dis. 1592; (NM)
Shrule Abbey 53°32′23″N 9°06′45″W / 53.539634°N 9.112425°W / 53.539634; -9.112425
Ballinasaggart Friary Franciscan ante15thC-1811 The Friary Church of Saint John the Baptist of Longford
Inchcleraun Monastery,
Inchmore Abbey,
Lough Gowna
53°49′24″N 7°34′05″W / 53.823319°N 7.568112°W / 53.823319; -7.568112
Longford Friary# Dominican monks

County Louth

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Carlingford Friary Dominican monks fd. 1315-1540;
disputed between Dominican monks and Franciscan 1670s, Dominican monks -18thC,
trns to Dundalk
The Friary Church of Saint Malachy, Carlingford
St. Mary's Friary, Drogheda Drogheda StMary'sFriary.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular 53°42′55″N 6°21′23″W / 53.7153934°N 6.3563365°W / 53.7153934; -6.3563365
St Mary Magdalene Friary, Drogheda Drogheda StMaryMagdaleneFriary.JPG Observant-Franciscan 1830;
Brown friary 1923
53°43′05″N 6°21′03″W / 53.7181775°N 6.350956°W / 53.7181775; -6.350956
Drogheda Friary# Franciscan Friars c.1240;
Observant-Franciscan Friars 1506-1540 (c.1545)
Dromiskin Monastery Dromiskin.jpg Patrician monks 53°55′22″N 6°23′54″W / 53.922639°N 6.3983989°W / 53.922639; -6.3983989
Dundalk Friary Franciscan Friars
fd. ante1246;
Friars exiled to a small cottage 1539;
Observant-Franciscan 1556-1563;
returned 1626-1732
54°00′23″N 6°23′38″W / 54.006288°N 6.393872°W / 54.006288; -6.393872
Faughart Monastery
Louth Monastery 6thC; (NM)
Louth Abbey Dominican monks 53°57′12″N 6°32′39″W / 53.953212°N 6.544152°W / 53.953212; -6.544152
Mellifont Abbey Mellifont Abbey lavabo County Louth Ireland.JPG Cistercian monks 1142-1743;
converted into a house 1556; (NM)
Old Mellifont Abbey 53°44′32″N 6°27′59″W / 53.742198°N 6.466291°W / 53.742198; -6.466291
Monasterboice Abbey MonasterboiceAbbey.JPG 53°46′39″N 6°25′04″W / 53.7776053°N 6.417667°W / 53.7776053; -6.417667

County Mayo

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Ardnaree Friary, Ballina Augustinian Canons Regular 15thC 54°06′44″N 9°09′06″W / 54.112356°N 9.151731°W / 54.112356; -9.151731
Balla Monastery 7thC 53°48′19″N 9°07′53″W / 53.805182°N 9.131331°W / 53.805182; -9.131331
Ballinasmale Abbey Ballinasmall Friary 1996 08 27.jpg Carmelite monks 1288-1870 Ballinasmall Friary;
Ballinsmaula Friary
Saint Mary 53°44′16″N 8°58′07″W / 53.737904°N 8.968667°W / 53.737904; -8.968667
Ballinrobe Friary Augustinian Canons Regular c.1313 53°37′35″N 9°13′15″W / 53.626280°N 9.220953°W / 53.626280; -9.220953
Ballintubber Abbey+ Ballintubber Abbey East Range 2007 08 12.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular 1216-1452, c.1635-1653, restored 1966; blt. on the site of an earlier monastery; (NM) Ballintober Abbey 53°45′24″N 9°16′58″W / 53.756720°N 9.282725°W / 53.756720; -9.282725
Ballyhaunis Friary Augustinian Canons Regular 1641, burned 1650, restored 1938; on the site of, and incorporating, an earlier friary 1348 'The Abbey' 53°45′46″N 8°45′44″W / 53.762661°N 8.762196°W / 53.762661; -8.762196
Burriscarra Abbey Carmelite monks; (NM) 53°43′51″N 9°14′44″W / 53.730877°N 9.245625°W / 53.730877; -9.245625
Burrishoole Friary Burrishoole Friary SE 2007 08 13.jpg Dominican Friars 1469 'Burrishoole Abbey' 53°53′56″N 9°34′20″W / 53.898774°N 9.572282°W / 53.898774; -9.572282
Clare Island Abbey Clare Island Abbey SW 1997 09 10.jpg Cistercian monks, cell of Abbeyknockmoy 13thC (said to have been a Carmelite monks cell 1254) 'the Abbey';
Saint Brigid's Abbey
The Blessed Virgin Mary (from 1254)
Cong Abbey CongAbbey07.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular 12thC?; on the site of an earlier abbey (6thC); (NM) 53°32′26″N 9°17′14″W / 53.540431°N 9.287341°W / 53.540431; -9.287341
Crossmolina Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 1300;
dis. late1530s by a member of the de Barry family
Mainishir Taobh Thiar do Shruth;
Crossmalyne Abbey
54°06′30″N 9°19′09″W / 54.108273°N 9.319169°W / 54.108273; -9.319169
Errew abbey Augustinian Canons Regular, also nearby, remains of a church blt. on the probable site of an earlier foundation 54°03′11″N 9°15′48″W / 54.053157°N 9.263280°W / 54.053157; -9.263280
High Island Monastery 7thC; (NM) Ard Oilean
Inishglora Monastery 54°12′31″N 10°07′10″W / 54.208618°N 10.119359°W / 54.208618; -10.119359
Inishmaan Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular
Inishmaine Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular early15thC, near (/on site of?) earlier monastery (-post1227); (NM) 53°35′53″N 9°18′05″W / 53.598068°N 9.301286°W / 53.598068; -9.301286
Killala Monastery Patrician monks 54°12′47″N 9°13′16″W / 54.212967°N 9.220976°W / 54.212967; -9.220976
Killeenatrava Nunnery nuns 53°37′42″N 9°14′11″W / 53.628413°N 9.236497°W / 53.628413; -9.236497
Mayo Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular 53°45′36″N 9°06′58″W / 53.760024°N 9.115997°W / 53.760024; -9.115997
Moyne Abbey Moyneabbey.jpg Observant-Franciscan 1460-1590 54°12′08″N 9°10′38″W / 54.202207°N 9.177098°W / 54.202207; -9.177098
Murrisk Abbey File:Murrisk Abbey 1792.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular 1457 53°46′55″N 9°38′22″W / 53.781975°N 9.639491°W / 53.781975; -9.639491
Rathfran Friary Dominican monks 1274-1590 54°14′17″N 9°14′40″W / 54.238041°N 9.244437°W / 54.238041; -9.244437
Rosserk Friary Rosserk Abbey, Co. Mayo, 1791.jpg Franciscan Third Order Friars
fd. 1440
54°10′17″N 9°08′36″W / 54.171448°N 9.143447°W / 54.171448; -9.143447
Strade Friary Strade Friary Sculptured Tomb 2007 08 14.jpg Franciscan Friars
fd. c.1240; becoming Dominican monks 1252
'Straide Friary' 53°55′17″N 9°07′42″W / 53.921400°N 9.128244°W / 53.921400; -9.128244
Urlaur Abbey Dominican monks 1430 The Abbey Church of Saint Thomas, Urlaur

County Meath

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Athboy Priory# Carmelite monks
site now occupied by C.I. church
53°37′18″N 6°55′05″W / 53.621705°N 6.918084°W / 53.621705; -6.918084
Ballyboggan Abbey Ballyboggan-Abbey.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular
Bective Abbey Bective Abbey.jpg 1150-1536;
on the site of an earlier abbey; (NM)
53°34′57″N 6°42′10″W / 53.582537°N 6.702726°W / 53.582537; -6.702726
Ceanannas Mor Monastery Kells Monastery
Clonard Abbey#
Donaghmore Monastery,
DonaghmoreChurch Meath.JPG supposed monastic site
fd. by St Patrick, reputedly his first foundation in Ireland;
remains of later church and round tower on site
53°40′13″N 6°39′43″W / 53.6704037°N 6.6619259°W / 53.6704037; -6.6619259
Donaghpatrick Monastery site now occupied by St Patrick's C.I. church
Duleek Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular
site now occupied by C.I. parish church
Duleek Priory Augustinian Canons Regular The Priory Church of Saint Mary, Duleek
Kilcarn Monastery site of ancient monastery occupied by c.1200 church
Newtown Abbey/Priory, Newtown-Trim
Hill of Skreen Monastery#,
nr. Tara
Slane Abbey#
Slane Friary SlaneFriary.JPG Franciscans 1648-1650
Slane Monastery#, Slane Franciscans 1512-1540;
Capuchin 1631-c.1650; (NM)
Trim Monastery# ?
St. Mary's Abbey, Trim Augustinian Canons Regular
converted into a Protestant school 18thC; (NM)
Talbot Castle The Abbey Church of Saint Mary, Trim
Trim Friary Dominican Friars
fd. 1263 by Geoffrey de Geneville, Lord of Meath
Trim Friary# Franciscan Friars c.1282;
Observant-Franciscan ante1506

County Monaghan

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Clones Abbey Celtic monks;
Augustinian Canons Regular
Clontibret Monastery Celtic nuns
Connabury Monastery Celtic nuns
Donagh Monastery Celtic monks
Errigal Trough Monastery Celtic monks
Inniskeen Monastery Celtic monks
fd. 6thC; poss. not surviving post10thC Augustinian Canons Regular
Monaghan Friary~ Franciscan Friars c.1462
Observant-ranciscan -1589, 1635-early18thC
Muckno Monastery Celtic monks
Loughbawn Monastery supposed monastic site - order and period unknown
Tedavnet Monastery Celtic nuns
Tehalan Monastery Celtic monks

Clones 'Abbey': a ruined non-monastic church (NM)

County Offaly

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Birr Monastery# 12thC
Clareen Monastery 6th C Seir Kieran St. Kieran's
Clonmacnoise Cathedral and Monastery Clonmacnois viewed from river.jpg
Clonmore Abbey
Drumcullen Monastery# 6thC
Durrow Abbey
Durrow nunnery# Augustinian nuns
Gallen Monastery# 15hC
Killeigh Nunnery Augustinian Canonesses
Kinnitty Monastery# 557; site poss. marked by a High cross within a churchyard
Lemanaghan Monastery early7thC
Lynally Monastery# Columban monks
fd. 6thC
Monasteroris Friary Franciscan Friars 1325;
Observant-Franciscan 1506-1794
Mount Joseph Abbey Cistercian monks
Rahan Monastery c.590-635
Seir Kieran Monastery# 6thC
Tihilly Monastery# 5thC

In addition in County Offaly:-

Gallen Priory: a Georgian house now serving as a convent

County Roscommon

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Boyle Abbey Boyle Abbey Nave 1997 09 17.jpg Cistercian monks from Buniffi 1161, on the site of an earlier monastery called Ath-da-Larc; (NM) Ath-da-Larc Abbey 53°58′26″N 8°17′49″W / 53.973797°N 8.296959°W / 53.973797; -8.296959
Cloonshanville Abbey,
nr. Frenchpark
53°52′03″N 8°23′25″W / 53.867512°N 8.390152°W / 53.867512; -8.390152
Deerane Abbey
Drumconaid Abbey Cistercian monks
trns from Grellechdinach c.1156;
trns to Buniffi c.1158/9
Drumcunny Abbey
Inchmacnerin Abbey,
Church Island, Lough Key
Patrician monks fd. 6thC;
Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. post1140;
dis. 1569?; (NM)
Kilronan Abbey 6thC
Roscommon Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. early8thC,
Roscommon Friary Dominican monks 1253-1872? The Friary Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Roscommon 53°37′29″N 8°11′31″W / 53.624733°N 8.191921°W / 53.624733; -8.191921
Trinity Island Priory,
Trinity Island, Lough Key
Premonstratensian Canons 1215/1237-1608; (NM) 'Trinity Island Abbey' The Priory Church of the Blessed Trinity, Trinity Island 53°59′21″N 8°15′16″W / 53.989216°N 8.254556°W / 53.989216; -8.254556

County Sligo

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Ballindoon Friary Dominican monks 1507
Ballymote Friary Franciscan Friars
fd. 1442;
dst. c.1587
54°05′23″N 8°31′06″W / 54.089684°N 8.518383°W / 54.089684; -8.518383
Ballysadare Abbey 54°12′54″N 8°31′04″W / 54.214905°N 8.517665°W / 54.214905; -8.517665
Banada Abbey Co. Sligo, Banada Abbey, 1791.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular 54°02′15″N 8°49′02″W / 54.037479°N 8.817197°W / 54.037479; -8.817197
Cloonoghill Abbey 54°04′19″N 8°33′16″W / 54.071947°N 8.554556°W / 54.071947; -8.554556
Cloonomeehan Friary Franciscan Friars 54°03′37″N 8°35′26″W / 54.060317°N 8.590678°W / 54.060317; -8.590678
Court Abbey, Achonry Franciscan 15thC
Drumcliff Monastery fd. 575; remains beside N15 road which bisects the site 54°19′33″N 8°29′40″W / 54.325886°N 8.494354°W / 54.325886; -8.494354
Easky Abbey 54°17′10″N 8°57′36″W / 54.286011°N 8.960134°W / 54.286011; -8.960134
Inishmurray Inishmurray Tory Bhrennell 2007 08 22.jpg
Kilross Monastery Premonstratensian Canons 54°12′03″N 8°27′12″W / 54.200931°N 8.453350°W / 54.200931; -8.453350
Knockmore Monastery 54°00′41″N 8°34′01″W / 54.011377°N 8.566917°W / 54.011377; -8.566917
Skreen Monastery site occupied by remains of medieval church
Sligo Friary File:Co. Sligo, Sligo Abbey, 1793.jpg Dominican monks 1253-18thC,
trns 18thC; (NM)
'Sligo Abbey' 54°16′15″N 8°28′12″W / 54.270802°N 8.470083°W / 54.270802; -8.470083
Staad Abbey

County Tipperary

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Ardfinnan Monastery# ?Augustinian Canonesses 7thC
Ardfinnan Abbey Carmelite nuns
Athassel Priory AthasselPriory.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular 1192; (NM) 52°28′45″N 7°59′00″W / 52.479040°N 7.983218°W / 52.479040; -7.983218
Cahir Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular; (NM) Caher Abbey
Carrickbeg Friary+,
Franciscan Friars;
remains incorporated into R.C. church
Cashel Abbey Cistercian monks; (NM)
Cashel Dominican Friary CashelDominicanFriary.JPG Dominican Friars; (NM) 52°31′05″N 7°53′16″W / 52.518015°N 7.887727°W / 52.518015; -7.887727
Cashel Franciscan Friary# Franciscan Friars;
fd. 1265;
site now occupied by St. John the Baptist R.C. parish church
'Hackett's Abbey'
Cashel, St Dominic's Abbey Dominican monks;
fd. 1243 by Archbishop David McKelly
St Dominic [79]
Clonmel Friary Franciscan Friars
St. Aibhe's Monastery, Emly site subsequently occupied by Emly Cathedral, now occupied by C.I. parish church
Holy Cross Abbey+ HolyCrossAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks, blt. on site of an earlier Benedictine monastery; (NM) 52°38′21″N 7°52′05″W / 52.639253°N 7.868003°W / 52.639253; -7.868003
Hore Abbey HoreAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks 52°31′07″N 7°53′53″W / 52.518546°N 7.898054°W / 52.518546; -7.898054
Inishlounaght Abbey, Abbey Cistercian monks
Kilcooly Abbey KilcooleyTower2.jpg Cistercian monks; (NM)
Liathmore Monastery
Lorrha Monastery C.I. church thought to occupy site 53°05′28″N 8°07′34″W / 53.091034°N 8.126045°W / 53.091034; -8.126045
Lorrha Priory Dominican monks, southwest of Lorrha
St. Ruan's 'Abbey', Lorrha northwest of monastery 53°05′31″N 8°07′16″W / 53.091946°N 8.121241°W / 53.091946; -8.121241
Mona Incha Abbey
Moor Abbey,
Roscrea Friary Franciscan Friars 12thC
Roscrea Monastery 6thC
St. Cronan's Friary, Roscrea
Templemore Abbey Knights Templar
Terryglass Monastery
Toureen Monastery
Tyrone Priory, Nenagh

County Waterford

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Dungarvan Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
Lismore Monastery
Molana Abbey,
Molana Priory Nave West Window 2007 08 07.jpg Celtic monks
fd. 6thC
Augustinian Canons Regular
fd. 13thC
Situated on an island on the Blackwater river near Youghal 52°00′08″N 7°53′57″W / 52.002215°N 7.8991699°W / 52.002215; -7.8991699
Mothel Abbey (NM)
Mount Melleray Abbey Cistercian monks
Rincrew Abbey,
Rincrew Hill
Knights Templar Rincrew Preceptory;
Rhincrew Preceptory
51°58′40″N 7°51′45″W / 51.9778491°N 7.8624344°W / 51.9778491; -7.8624344
Waterford Friary Dominican monks

County Westmeath

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Athlone Abbey
Athlone Friary Franciscan Friars 1241-Dissolution
Ballyboggan Priory Ballyboggan-Abbey.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular
dis.; granted to Sir William Bermingham 1541
De Laude Dei The Priory Church of the Holy Trinity, Ballyboggan [80] 53°24′35″N 7°02′38″W / 53.409827°N 7.043797°W / 53.409827; -7.043797
Church Island Monastery,
Lough Owel
Fore Abbey ForeAbbey1.JPG Benedictine monks; (NM) 53°41′02″N 7°13′38″W / 53.683861°N 7.227162°W / 53.683861; -7.227162
Fore Monastery c.630 The Abbey Church of Saint Fechin, Fore
Inchbofin Abbey Celtic monks; later Augustinian Canons Regular
Kilbeggan Abbey a green mound said to mark the site of an ancient abbey 'The Church of the Relic', Kilbeggan
Killare Monastery site now occupied by remains of old parish church
Lough Ennell Monastery
Hare Island Monastery,
Mullingar Friary Dominican monks 1239-dissolution
Mullingar Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular 1227-dissolution
Multyfarnham Friary MultyfarnhamFriary.JPG Franciscan Friars
fd. 15thC; reoccupied 1827
53°37′43″N 7°23′28″W / 53.628730°N 7.391010°W / 53.628730; -7.391010
Tristernagh Abbey TristernaghAbbey.jpg 12thC, dst. 1783 Kilbixy Abbey

County Wexford

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Ballyhack Preceptory# Knights Templar; now the site of Ballyhack Castle
Carnsore Monastery Celtic monks 52°10′38″N 6°21′45″W / 52.177241°N 6.362436°W / 52.177241; -6.362436
Dunbrody Abbey DunbrodyAbbey.JPG Cistercian monks from St Mary's, Dublin 1175/8-1537 52°17′02″N 6°57′33″W / 52.283776°N 6.959295°W / 52.283776; -6.959295
Ferns Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
St. Mary's Abbey Church, New Ross Anglo-Norman abbey parish church
Rosslare Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
Selskar Abbey Selskar Abbey, Wexford, Ireland.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular 52°20′29″N 6°27′56″W / 52.341454°N 6.465687°W / 52.341454; -6.465687
Taghmon Monastery Augustinian Canons Regular
Tintern Abbey TinternAbbey Wexford.JPG Cistercian monks 1200 52°14′13″N 6°50′16″W / 52.236998°N 6.837899°W / 52.236998; -6.837899

County Wicklow

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Arklow Abbey Cistercian monks from Wyresdale ante1204,
trns to Abington 1205
Arklow Friary Dominican monks
fd. 13thC
Baltinglass Abbey BaltinglassAbbey4957.jpg Cistercian monks from Mellifont fd. 1148;
dis. 1541;
adapted as a private house and Protestant church;
abandoned 1883; (NM)
Vallis Salutis Abbey 52°56′38″N 6°42′35″W / 52.943910°N 6.709697°W / 52.943910; -6.709697
Glendalough Cathedral and Monastery Glendalough view.JPG St. Kevin 53°00′38″N 6°19′37″W / 53.010569°N 6.326949°W / 53.010569; -6.326949
St. Saviour's Monastery,
nr. Derrybawn
53°00′28″N 6°18′44″W / 53.007871°N 6.312166°W / 53.007871; -6.312166
Shelton Abbey^ now a state forestry school
Whaley Abbey
Wicklow Friary Franciscan Friars

Locations to be established

Foundation Image Communities/provenance Alt. Name Formal Name/dedication Refs. Location
Grellechdinach Abbey Cistercian monks from Mellifont
trns to Drumconaid c.1156
Buniffi Abbey Cistercian monks
trns from Drumconaid c.1158/9-1161;
trns to Boyle 1161


  • Kathleen Hughes & Ann Hamlin The Modern Traveller to the Early Irish Church, Four Courts Press (1997). ISBN 1-85182-194-5

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