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Satanism is an umbrella term that includes several religions and groups.

Satanism is divided into two major categories: Symbolic Satanism, in which Satan is a symbol for attributes and/or actions, and Theistic Satanism, in which Satan is an actual being.

Symbolic Satanism

  • The Creed of the Satanic Pax [B]
  • The Global Order of Satan [W]

Satanist political groups

Theistic Satanism

Main article: Theistic Satanism

  • Yazidism (Highly disputed) [W]
  • Temple of Set [www] [W]
  • Misanthropic Luciferian Order (formerly known as Temple of the Black Light) [W]
  • (The) New Satanic Church [DC]
  • Order of the Divine Black Flame [DC]
  • "Blood over Intent"
  • Satanic Reds [www]

Christian Satanism

Neo-Nazi Satanism