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Kutsa Maharishi (pronounced [kut̪sə]) is a rishi (sage) credited as the author of multiple Rigvedic hymns.

Rig Vedas

Kutsa is mentioned in the Vedas in 40 to 50 different contexts. Kutsa asked Indra to help in decimating Ruru's enemies. Indra invited Kutsa to Indraloka to celebrate the victory. Rig Veda 4.16.10 mentions a conversation between Sage Vaamadeva and Indra, which indicated that Kutsa and Indra were friends who resembled each other so much that at one stage, Indrani herself could not differentiate between them.

There is a Sooktam in Rig Veda 1.106.6 that consists of 7 mantras. Though Kutsa discovered this Sooktam, he took pride in calling it in conjunction with his Achaarya, Aaangirasa as Kutsa: Aangeerasa:

Once, Kutsa fell into a deep well and was saved by Indra, mentioned in Rig Veda 10.40.6.

Prokshana Mantram

The Prokshana Mantram states "Om Bhoo: Om Bhuvaha: Om Suvaha". It is said that water has the ability to purify anything that it touches. This power appears in water through the Prokshana Mantram. The Taittriya Samhita states that the Mantra Drishtas of the above mantra are Atri, Bhrigu and Kutsa Maharishi.[1]

The Veda Vakhya in Taittriya Samhita 2.6.5 attests this fact thus:

BrahmavaadinO vadantyatbhir haveemshi proukshee: kenaapa iti brahmaNEti brooyaat adbirhyEva haveemshi prOkshati brahmaNaapa

This occurs in the aaga prakaraNam in the Vedas as an answer to the question:

With what do you purify the offerings (havis)?
By sprinkling water?
With what do you purify water to be able to impart purity to the havis?
With mantra?
What is that mantra?
Boo: Bhuva: Suvaha: mantra?

Gayatri Mantra

Maharishi Kutsa is credited with the discovery of the fourth vyāhṛti, ‘svah’ in the Prokṣaṇa Mantra familiar to the daily mediators of the Gayatri Mantra. Such is the love and Grace of His Guru that He gets.