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Kshatriya (from Sanskrit: क्षत्र, kṣatra) is the title of the princely military order in the Vedic society. The Kshatriya are one of the four varnas of Hinduism, the other three being Brahmins, Vaishyas and Shudras. Sikhism does not accept the caste system and a Sikh is prohibited to take the persons caste into consideration in their dealing with society.

They are the warrior and ruling caste in the varna system. The word means the protector of land. They are supposed to uphold the code of honour, bravery and loyalty. Everyone in the military and governing hierarchy from king to village chief and from general to foot-soldier is a kshatriya. In ancient Hindu society, a person's aptitude (guna), conduct (karma) and nature (swabhava) were considered to assign his occupation or varnas.

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