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Judeo-Paganism, Jewitchery (from the terms Jew and witch), or Jewish Neopaganism is a term for a hypothetical combination of Neopaganism and Judaism. The possibility of the concept was discussed in 1994 in series of articles in Green Egg, a US-based Neopagan magazine.

Judeo-Paganism would be expected to merge Judaism, Neopaganism, the Kabbalah and polytheistic Canaanite religion. While there appear to be some online discussion groups and personal websites on the topic, no actual organizations are known.

Nurit Zaidman identifies it as a postmodern form of Jewish feminism.[1]

Purportedly, there exists a Judeo-Pagan group in Israel, known as Am Ha Aretz (עם הארץ, lit. "People of the Land", a rabbinical term for uneducated and religiously unobservant Jews), "Amha" for short. Elie Sheva, according to his own testimony an "elected leader of AMHA" reportedly founded an US branch of the group, known as "Primitive Hebrew Assembly".[2]

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