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In Islam, Isaac/Ishaq (circa 1761 BC - 1638 BC?)[1][2] Ishaq (Isaac) is known as an appointed prophet of God. He is the second son of Ebrahim (Abraham) from his wife Sarah.Ishaq (Isaac) was born after Ismail (Ishmael) a miraculous birth when Sarah was old and barren.Angels who came in human shape visited Ebrahim (Abraham) .He invited them inside his house and was very welcoming.Ebrahim (Abraham) offered them some food to eat but they refused to eat.They told him that they were Angels on their way to destroy the people of Lut (Lot) .Ebrahim (Abraham) was worried for Lut (Lot) but the angels told him that he shall be informed to run away before his people will receive their Judgment from God.Another thing that the angels Foretold was the Birth of Ishaq (Isaac) and after Ishaq (Isaac) Yaqub (Jacob) and that divine promise from god was fulfilled and Ishaq (Isaac) was born a miraculous birth and after Ishaq (Isaac) sarah lived to see her grandchild Yaqub (Jacob) who was also called Yisrael or Israel and became the father of all Israelites.Both Prophets are Praised and Respected by Muslims for their important roles. Muslims believe that the sacrifice of Ebrahim's (Abraham) son was not Ishaq (Isaac),it was Ismail(Ishmael)because the Quran clearly states that Ebrahim (Abraham) sacrificed his only son which means the sacrifice occurred before the birth of Ishaq (Isaac) and also Muslim tradition and the Quran state Sarah was promised a Divine Promise from god that she shall live to see her grandson Yaqub (Jacob) so god would not break a divine promise nor would he ask Ebrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice a son he promised him with. So it was Ismail (Ishmael) who was to be sacrificed while as Ishaq (Isaac) went on to become the father of Yaqub (Jacob) and the grandfather of Israelites.


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