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In Islam, Dawud or Davud (David) (circa 1043 BC - 937 BC?) is known as an appointed Prophet and Messenger ("Rasul") of Allah, and was a righteous King of Israel. It is believed Dawud lived between 70 and 106 years.[1][2] He was a descendant of (Abraham) through (Isaac). ]].[3]

Dawud in Hadith

Dawud is mentioned many times in the Hadith. "The best (food) man eats is that (he eats) out of his earnings and the Prophet of Allah, Dawood, ate from what he earned with his hands." - Bukhari (3417)

Dawud in the Qur'an

Dawud is mentioned by name sixteen times in the Qur'an. He is amongst the Prophets of Allah who received a book of revelation - the Zabur.[Qur'an 4:163] He is remembered for his eloquent speech and the beautiful recitation of God's word.[Qur'an 34:10]

Dawud is also mentioned in the Qur'an as the young boy who slayed Jalut (Goliath) when all other Israelites were afraid to challenge him. [Qur'an 2:251]

Several stories of Dawud in the Qur'an confirm the Biblical and Jewish accounts of King David. However, there are notable differences, among others is the Islamic rejection of the notion that Dawud was an adulterer and murderer before his repentance.


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