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Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) is a religion related to mainstream Christianity which emmerged in the Philippines through the preaching and teaching of the late Felix Manalo. It denies the doctrine of the Trinity and Deity of Christ and teaches that a person can only be saved through becoming a member of the Church of Christ.

The Iglesia ni Cristo teaches that:

  • God the Father is the only true God.
  • Jesus is the Son of God, mediator between God and Man and redeemer of human sins
  • Holy Spirit is the active force of God
  • The Bible is the only Word of God both the Old and New Testaments
  • Felix Y. Manalo is God's Messenger in these last days
  • Salvation can only be obtained through joining the Iglesia ni Cristo
  • Baptism by water immersion is the conversion from evil to good
  • Unity within in the church even when electing officials in parliament
  • Brotherly love within the congregation, treating each one as true brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus
  • That Jesus is preparing a Holy City in Heaven for those faithful members of theIglesia ni Cristo

The Iglesia ni Cristo teaches that the worship service should be foremost in the life of a member of the Church of Christ, as taught in the Bible. It is necessary that each and every member attend two worship services weekly, once during the week, and once during the weekend, to strengthen the faith of the brethren and give them guidance. A worship service consists of hymn singing, prayers, sermon, offering, doxology and benediction. The worship service is led by an ordained minister of the church and is held at the local chapel or locale. The Iglesia ni Cristo's chapels are noticeable because of their large facades with tall-narrow spires.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is led by the Executive Minister of the church. Felix Manalo was the first Executive Minister and now his grandson, Eduardo V. Manalo currently serves as Executive Minister, following the death of his father, Erano G. Manalo (the second Executive minister of the church). Below him is the Deputy-Executive Minister, a position similar to that of a vice president.. Since the death of Erano G. Manalo, there has been no deputy executive minister appointed. Along with other ministers, they collectively form what is known as the Central Administration. The Central Administration is where decisions are made regarding the edification of the church members, and the propagation and missionary works worldwide. Below them is the District Administration and Local Leadership in every congregation.

Inside the church, there is the Christian Family Organization, which includes Buklod (for married members 18+), Kadiwa (for unmarried members 18+) and Binhi (for members 12-18) organizations. The organizations purpose is to promote an active Christian way of life.

There are Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) congregations on every continent in the world (excluding Antarctica), and can be found in over eighty countries in the world including, but not limited to,Australia, the United States of America Canada, England, China, India, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, Brazil and Korea.


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