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How to Live Though an Executive is a book by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, published in 1953.

In it, Hubbard turns his principles of Dianetics and Scientology toward the world of business, commerce, and industry. The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, Hubbard's business outreach organization, describes the book this way:

"In this, his first book on the subject, L. Ron Hubbard detailed the true role of an executive and then provided tools and systems to actually perform this role despite everything. Here also are essentials of why organizations act insanely and why evaluation is of prime importance. Here also detailed is the definitive organizational communication system, one which can be applied to any organization, reducing overload and truly allowing one to live though an executive." [1]


Another WISE site, for their Charter Committee, has this to say about the book's history:

"Recognizing that the role of the executive in an organization is planning and supervision, Mr. Hubbard, after a broad study of communications theory and systems and a survey of many organizations, originated and composed the organizational communications system presented in How to Live Though an Executive. In doing this, he had two chief objectives in mind. One, to save executives’ time and make it possible for them to fill their proper role in an organization. Two, to reduce the confusion amongst employees and workers who, served by inadequate communication channels and methods within the organization, can have no clear understanding of the problems and concerns of management. With its theories tested and proven workable, How to Live Though an Executive was published in April, 1953." [2]

However, as with several of Hubbard's works, credit for the work has changed over the years. The first edition of the book states, "The manuscript of this book was prepared by Richard DeMille who helped in the development of the communications system herein set forth". This statement was deleted from subsequent editions, and Hubbard is given sole credit as author. [3]

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