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Hinduism is a very minor religious faith in Finland. The main established religion in Finland is Christianity, especially Lutheran Christianity.

Indians constitute 0.220% of the total population of Finland, though it is unknown what percentage of these Indians are Hindu, versus other major Indian religions. [1] An estimated 250 Tamils live in Finland[2] Finland acquired a significant Hindu population for the first time around the turn of the 21st century due to the recruitment of information technology workers from India by companies such as Nokia.

Hindu Groups in Finland

There is an International Society for Krishna Consciousness temple near Helsinki city centre. The Finnish Government has not sanctioned any land for ISKCON or any other kind of Hindu temple.

Some people formed a trust for a Hindu temple project in Finland but without the support of government and other business institutions nothing concrete could be achieved. Hindu festivals like Holi and Diwali have been celebrated in Finland and are gaining more popularity.

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