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Havat Gilad
Founded 2002
Founded by Moshe Zar
Council Shomron
Region West Bank
District Judea and Samaria Area
Affiliation Jewish

Havat Gilad (Hebrew: חַוַּת גִּלְעָד‎, lit. Gilad Farm) is an Israeli settlement outpost in the West Bank. Under the municipal jurisdiction of Shomron Regional Council. It was established in 2002 in memory of Gilad Zar, a patrolman for a security force for the Israeli settlers in the area who was shot and killed in 2001.[1] It is home to twenty two families.

Legality of the town in question

Havat Gilad (or the Gilad farm) is located on land privately owned by Moshe Zar. Moshe Zar is a religious Zionist and a longtime friend of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and in the 1980s he achieved moderate fame for his role in the Jewish Underground, a terrorist group that planted bombs in the cars of Arab mayors (e.g. the Nablus mayor Bassam Shakaa) and plotted to destroy the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 war; since 1979, Zar has been buying land in the territory from individual Palestinians. Gilad Zar was the civilian security chief for the Jewish communities of the northern West Bank.[1]

Although the farm is located on the Zar family's private property, it has been considered an un-authorized outpost and is on a list of outposts that Israel has promised the US to dismantle[2]

Twinning communities

As part of the twinning communities project of the Shomron Liaison Office, Havat Gilad has been adopted by the B'nai Elim, a Kahanist (far right) activist organization in America.[3] Through this partnership the organization works to support the efforts of the residents of Havat Gilad and assist them in positive public relations abroad.


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Coordinates: 32°12′49″N 35°10′27″E / 32.213663°N 35.174156°E / 32.213663; 35.174156 (Havat Gilad)