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The Great Žemaičių Kalvarija Festival or The Great Samogitian Calvary Festival (Lithuanian: Didieji Žemaičių Kalvarijos atlaidai) is a Roman Catholic festival dedicated to St. Mary. Festival is annual and takes place every July in small town of Žemaičių Kalvarija in Samogitia, Lithuania and attracts many pilgrims and tourists.


The Samogitian Calvary Way of the Cross was created by bishop Jurgis Tiškevičius in 1637. He replicated all Stations of the Cross precisely just as they appeared in Jerusalem. In 1937 record number of 100,000 pilgrims visited The Great Žemaičių Kalvarija Festival.


Pilgrims at one of the Stations of the Cross during Great Žemaičių Kalvarija Festival. The pilgrimage of Žemaičių Kalvarija in Lithuania is one of the most important pilgrimages for Catholics.

There are 21 Stations of the Cross in this town. Undertaking the stations of the cross is a very important procession for every catholic, it should be done often and at least once in their lives. The Pope is the main guardian and supporter of this festival.

During the festival there are days dedicated to youth. Many events take place, which may serve spiritual needs of young people. There are special Masses held, dedicated to youth and children.


The festival attracts many pilgrims from Samogitia and Lithuania, many Catholic Churches in Lithuania organize trips for people. Since 2004 there are more tourists and pilgrims coming from the EU States, especially from Poland, Ireland, Germany and Spain.

Time of events

Usually festival is held on the first week of July and takes place for around 2 weeks.


In 2009 Žemaičių Kalvarija Great Festival will be held from 1 st to 12 July.[3]

  • Wednesdey, July 1, 2009, Wednesday. Placable Eve
    • 16.00 St. Mass Panu hill. In the presence of members of the Legion of St. Mary. After St. Mass maldinga gait in Žemaičių Hill.
    • 19 hrs. Vespers Basilica. Blessing will be given to children for them meldžiamasi. Eucharistinė procession.
  • Thursday, July 2, 2009, Thursday. Prayer for the Lithuanian countryside, farmers and temperance Day. Akmenė dean.
  • Friday, July 3, 2009. Prayer for the Police, the State leaders and politicians. Mažeikiai dean.
  • Saturday July 4, 2009. Prayers for the young families. Taurage dean. Youth evenings. 19 hrs. St. Mass, followed by - Cross procession in the mountains.
  • Sunday, July 5, 2009. Greatest and most important day of Žemaičių Kalvarija Great Festival. The special prayer for the families and communities will be held. Plunge dean.
  • Monday, July 6, 2009. Prayer for Christian Lithuanian present and future of the day. Lithuania's millennium. Klaipeda district dean parish.
  • Tuesday, July 7, 2009. Prayer for people working, in Malta and other charitry orders, the medical staff and patients. Telšiai dean.
  • Wednesday July 8, 2009. Prayer for priests and ministrant day. Special prayers for the priests calling for the sanctity. Palangos dean.
  • Thursday July 9, 2009. Prayer for the Theological Seminary Day. Šilalės dean.
  • Friday July 10, 2009. Prayers for katechetus and educators. Šilutė dean.
  • Saturday July 11, 2009. Prayers for the monks. Special day to pray for people woking in agriculture. Klaipeda city deanery parishes.
  • Sunday July 12, 2009. Žemaičių Calvary Parish Day. Skuodas dean.
  • Great mellow worship each day:
    • 7. 00 hours. J. E. Tent Bishop John Boruta SJ Kęstaičiuose discharge pilgrim to Žemaičių Hill
    • 7. 30 hours. Liturgical hours of prime Basilica
    • 8. 00 hours. St. Mass
    • 10. 00 hours. St. Mass (Votyva).
    • After Votyvas' will be held St. M. Litany of Mary, St. dangerous. Sacramento adoration.
    • 11.30. Pink sacrament next to Holy. Sacrament
    • 12. 00 hours. St. Mass (amount).
    • After the figures - a solemn procession to the main road cross the mountains; at the same time - cross the path inside the Basilica.
    • 19. 00 hours. St. Mass in the liturgical hours Evening
    • On the final day, at 19 hours lenient. St. Mass will not be held in Basilica.


12 hours. St. Masses will be broadcast live:

  • Radio:
    • On Maria's Radio:
      • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6 July and 9 July 2009.
  • Television:
    • On Lithuanian national television - 5 July 2009.

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