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The Glossary in Scienowiki is divided into bite-sized chunks. There is a page for abbreviations, and one for each letter.

Each page carries at the top this copyright notice regarding the initial source of the information:

This page started out as a copy of part of Clearbird's copyrighted Glossary. Clearbird Publishing gave permission for it to be used in Scienowiki and Religion Wiki. See full copyright notice.

The full name of each page is Glossary Abbreviations, Glossary A, Glossary B etc., but the pages will usually be shown as A , B etc.

If a link to one particular word/letter in the glossary is being placed on a page in Scienowiki, for the sake of uniformity it should be in the form of: Glossary C or Glossary F etc.

If links to the entire glossary are being done, it should be as shown as the top.