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Nikolas Roerich
Full name Nikolas Roerich
Born 9 October 1874
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Died 13 December 1947
Naggar, India
Era 20th-century philosophy
School Neo-Theosophy
Main interests Agni Yoga

Fuyama and Urusvati

Fuyama is the spiritual name of Nicholas Roerich (1874–1947) in Agni Yoga. He was an internationally acclaimed artist, conservationist, archeologist, humanitarian and peacemaker.[1] Nicolas Roerich called Tara Urusvati (H. Roerich) "She Who Leads" in his creations.[2]


Nicholas Roerich (1874–1947) was a theosophist, philosopher, painter, writer, archaeologist, and public figure. He is perceived by some people as a spiritual teacher and guru.[3] Nicholas and Helena had two children: George (1902 – 1960) and Svetoslav (1904 – 1993).

Nicolas Roerich at New York City

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