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In Jewish law, an Eruv (Hebrew: עירוב‎, also spelt Eiruv or Erub, plural: Eruvin), a Hebrew word meaning "mixture", can refer to any of the following:

  • Eruv (formally, eiruv chatzeirot), which allows Jews to carry outdoors on Shabbat
  • Eruv tavshilin, which allows Jews to cook on a Friday Yom Tov to prepare for Shabbat
  • Eruv techumin, which allows Jews to walk beyond the boundary outside their city on Shabbat.

These three procedures allow certain activities in Jewish law which would otherwise be forbidden by a rabbinical rule.

The Talmud devotes an entire tractate to the subject of eruv titled Eruvin which addresses the eruv chatzerot, "mixed [ownership of] domains", and eruv t'chumin, "mixed borders". It does not address the eruv tavshilin, which is covered in elsewhere in the Talmud, in tractate Beitzah.