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Basic points This religion is basically the belief in the God of nature.We see that nature itself is dualistic.every place you look you see male and female,light and dark, up and down,left and right,child and adult... There is always something that can be considered opposing yet similar to itself.

God is one alone and one another...Both male and female,yet neither. It is not fair to worship God and not worship Goddess.It is like recognizing ones father but ignoring that one has a mother To believe that man and woman were created at the same time is more logical than to believe that either man or woman was created first before the other.

God I believe in a God that is God.God is the foundation for all and all itself is God.The God That I invision is one.yet to effectively create,God Knew that both male and female must be in unity so in Gods divine wisdom it became both God and Goddess thus becoming our universal mother and father The concept of dualism was the first creation of Our divine parents.I believe that the father aspect of God is the disciplinarian. God gives us rules to fallow and calls them commandments