Dov Shurin

Dov Shurin is a Jewish American singer-songwriter.


Born in 1949, Shurin moved from Brooklyn, New York to Israel in 1984. He is an Orthodox Jew and a grandson of Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky.[1]

He currently lives in the Sansur building in downtown Jerusalem.[2]

Musical style

Shurins music ranges from soft folk ballads to electric guitar, fast-paced, dance-able music. His lyrics range from original to biblically sources or a mashup of the two. A major hit of his was "Zochreini Na".[3] The lyrics of the song are the prayer of Samson asking God to restore his strength so he can exact his revenge upon Philistines who had captured and blinded him.


Shurin is noted for his neo-Kahanist political views.[4] He was featured on the cover of The Economist with a Bible in one hand and an Uzi in the other.[5]

Mr. Shurin has been featured in documentaries and briefly became a pop star within the settler movement with songs calling for violence against the Palestinians and resistance to Israel's 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.[2]


  • Kol Dodi: Voice of my Love (1980)
  • Chakal Tapuchim: The field of Sacred Apples (1984), with Dovid Lybush
  • Madly In Love With The One Above (1999)
  • Biblical Revenge (2002), Aderet Music Corp.


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