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Seal of the Diocese of Chicago

The 'Dicocese of Chicago is part of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, consisting roughly of the northern third of the state of Illinois. It was founded as the Diocese of Illinois by Bishop Philander Chase. In 1877, the southern portion of Illinois became the Diocese of Springfield, and the west central portion of Illinois became the Diocese of Quincy. The original Diocese of Illinois was then renamed the Diocese of Chicago.

The diocesan bishop is William Persell, and the suffragan bishop is Victor Scantlebury.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer prayers are offered for Chicago on May 25.

Bishops of Chicago

  1. Philander Chase 1835–1852
  2. Henry Whitehouse 1852-1874
  3. William McLaren 1875-1905
  4. Charles Palmerston Anderson 1905-1930
  5. Sheldon Griswold Feb. 1930-Nov. 1930
  6. George Stewart 1930-1940
  7. Wallace Conkling 1941-1953
  8. Gerald Burrill 1954-1971
  9. James Montgomery 1971-1987
  10. Frank Griswold 1987-1998
  11. Willliam Persell 1999-present

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