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The national flag of Denmark.

National anthem of Denmark.

Denmark (pronounced /ˈdɛnmɑrk/; Danish: Danmark, pronounced [ˈd̥ænmɑɡ̊], archaic: [ˈd̥anmɑːɡ̊]) is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe and the senior member of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the southernmost of the Nordic countries; southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and it is bordered to the south by Germany. Denmark borders both the Baltic and the North Sea. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland (Jylland) and many islands, most notably Zealand (Sjælland), Funen (Fyn), Vendsyssel-Thy, Lolland, Falster, and Bornholm as well as hundreds of minor islands often referred to as the Danish Archipelago. Denmark has long controlled the approach to the Baltic Sea, and these waters are also known as the Danish straits.

Religion in Denmark

The Danish National Church, a Lutheran church, is the official state religion of Denmark. According to official statistics form January 2010, it is followed by 80.9% of the Danish population.

Following the Protestant Reformation, Lutheranism was the only legal religion in Denmark for about a century. In 1682 the Danish governmemt recognised Roman Catholicism, the Reformed Church of Denmark and Judaism as well. Germanic Neopaganism was officially recognised by the Danish government in 2003.

Islam is currently the second largest religion in Denmark, although Muslims make up only about 4% of the country's population. About 1% of the people of Denmark are Buddhists.

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